Last Resort | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/07

i really like the song, i dont listen much to papa roach, i listen heavy metal and death metal and shit like that, but this song is also really cool.
and wtf JohnGD! other lyrics? what the hell is wrong with these lyrics? too suicidal? its his feelings, and i know that there are a lot of other people who have the exact same feelings!
so stop being a fucker about it because its a No1 song for every normal living person on the planet and WITH THESE LYRICS!
i just love every song about these kinda subjects... can't help it but i just felt the same shit as they're describing in their songs...

An amazing song! | Reviewer: tom jordan | 2/10/07

This song is a legend which really gets to your head, the background guitar is powerful, the singing is passionate, what more could u ask for!

NOT JUST A SONG | Reviewer: Blue Rose | 2/8/07

i really like his song. And actually, i believe it's more than that. He's speaking of his deep inside emotions. What i get from it is that he's screwed up his life pretty bad and he thinks the best thing for him to do (his last resort) is to just kill himself. He knows he shouldn't think like that so he thinks he's loosin his mind. I know alot of ppl who feel like they've messed up there lives and everyone else's so bad that they just wanna put an end to it by putting and end to thereselves. In this song he's not tryin to make anyone commit suicide he's just callin out for help...for someone to be there for him, help him through this, tell him he's ok...tell him he's fine.

love and hate | Reviewer: ... | 12/18/06

I have a love and hate "relationship" with this song. im pretty sure that weve all felt like wed be better off dead, but i remember when i listened to this song it captivated my feelings so much that i wanted to go along with it. Its musical beat is captivating for those in numbness or pain, and I honestly felt a dangerous hate for my life while listening. Funny thing is ... I am a christian who believes in living life to its fullest, but sometimes life gets too much. We dont always wanna listen to upbeat happy songs...

Flawless(?) | Reviewer: JohnGD | 11/4/05

This song rocks music-beat-style-like..The lyric is a bit suicidal like.
I know that this guy is seriously thinking of commiting suicide so it is kinda wrong for the song..But after all this is what Papa Roach Is All About right?With different lyrics this song would be No.1

REVIEW ABOUT THE SONG LAST RESORT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/05


wow.great song. | Reviewer: christine | 5/14/05

last resort is an awesome song.yeah very in depth i know but there's no other way to describe it.