just dang | Reviewer: firemario582 | 8/19/12

there is honost reason to not compare most of the peoples lives to this song. people bn through a lot crap these days and they always assume suicide or pain is the answer trust me, i would know. so yah girl below is right consider wat u say b4 u say it.

Stopp attacking! | Reviewer: Ya can call me MononokeZoro | 2/11/11

Hey you guy's! Im a 13 years old girl from sweden, so please excuse my spelling. . . I don't know how people who cutt them selfs feel, but I do know how it is to be different, I am really weird and im proud of it, Im really bloodthirsty and lots of other weird things, my point is: don't say things to people that you don't even know how it is! I don't want to be mean but wen you say "stop attacking" in that way it's like your attacking back . . . . Please, just think what you want about this song, but stopp beeing so mean you'll end up insulting someone.

get over it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/11

just stop trying to analyze the lyrics. they are pretty clear. just listen to the song. enjoy it. if you honestly are going to sit here and tell people what these lyrics are then you clearly have no life. it's a song. lets leave it at that.

King, your a doucheasaurus | Reviewer: You douche... | 12/16/10

i love this song. and it speaks to me. and the main reason im commenting is to say @ this guy:

{Hell Yeah! LOVE THIS SONG!! Huge Papa Roach fan!} i agree with this part

And i completley agree! Suicide is for quitters and weaklings...i get so pissed off when i hear people killing them selves or cutting themselves...THERES NO FUCKING POINT! I dont fucking get it! Go ahead kill yourself..Your too pussy to even be walking this earth!


and as for the rest of it, you sir, are a dick, who can not relate to people and therefore shouldn't talk shit. One day, when you're severely depressed, i hope another internet 10 year old tells you to end it cuz your a puss.

I find It odd | Reviewer: Larry | 10/21/10

This is a good song, appreciate the music for what it is and leave it at that. Its not better or worse then others, its just a song really. I do find it odd others seek to merely attack people over the internet, but is consequently means they have no life. So enjoy!

I heart This Song! | Reviewer: Whatevs | 5/14/10

I really love this song, it really portrays a lot of peoples' emotions and the beat and rythm to it is awesome! As for the previous reviews, I agree with the ones about the attackers but...Aren't you guys being a bit hypocritical? You're telling them not to attcack other people and their opinions but you're doing the same thing, though it is right, it's still hypocytical. I FEEL (ME MYSELF AND I) that if someone doesn't have something good to say about this song than go kick rocks. Find a song you do like and write something enjoyable about it. You're wasting your time talking shit about this song and its going to be read, people will get angry, write something back, and you'll probally ignore it. So? You just wasted your fucking time writing a crappy comment about what someone else feels. Suggestion:Shut the fuck up.Please.Thank you!


get over yourselves | Reviewer: none of your business | 2/12/10

here's an idea: just read the motherfucking lyrics. your opinions aren't all together necessary. if you think about it, opinions are like assholes- everyone has one! keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself. if you haven't been in someone's shoes, you shouldn't judge them.

Honestly? Again? | Reviewer: ToxicPocky | 12/8/09

Damn. I knew I shouldn't read the reviews. So many immature idiots online attacking other people just because of the songs they like. I'm about sick of it.
First of all, its only a song.
Secondly, opinions suck. So many stubborn people in this world think that the opinion they have is the only one that matters. That's why I hate most people.
I could go on and on and on about this, but I'd just be wasting someone's time. Well, whatever.

internet attacking | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/09

Ok this is just my opinion but...seriously whats with people looking up lyrics to a song that they "hate" just to attack everyone over the fucking internet and call them weaklings because they cut themselves or think about suicide...now my opinion the people that call other people weaklings over the fucking internet are just plain retarded and need to get a fucking life i mean come on!!! its the fucking internet ur just happy that u can say what ever u want and nobody can do anything but say somthing back...GET A FUCKING LIFE AND STOP ATTACKING PEOPLE OVER THE FUCKING INTERNET LITTLE WEAKLING KIDS BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE THE WEAK ONES!!!!!

for fuck sake!!! :@ if you have any problems email me | Reviewer: EmO BuNnY | 10/28/09

right, papa roach are a 1 in a million, theres no other band like them

im emo, yeah ive cut myself, i do it because i cant tell people things that i want to tell them,.. and anyway, its my life, its my choice if i want to, you big good for nothings! i dont c the point why you take the piss out of us? its like me and my friends sayin shit about you isnt it? your steriotype. itsonly becuase we dont like being "normal" and follow the trends like sheep.

but i do agree that we interprate the song differently...

and there is no way that papa roach copied the main riff. just thought id point out

Who gives a fuck? | Reviewer: Grimm Shadows | 10/14/09

Who gives a flying fuck what the song is about or if the riff sounds close to another song! God forbid two riffs in the entire history of rock and roll sound the same! You try to fucking write a song that doesn't sound like another song in some way!

And another thing: SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT WHAT THE SONG IS ABOUT! Everyone interprets it differently, and if you disagree with someone's interpretation, NO ONE REALLY GIVES A SHIT EXCEPT YOU AND THE OTHER LOSERS WHO LIKE TO ATTACK PEOPLE OVER THE INTERNET!

If you don't like the song, don't look up the fucking lyrics just to piss people off. Get a fucking life and let us get on with ours.

Heavens! | Reviewer: The S | 8/10/09

CS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/08

Interesting how this song has an EXTREMELY similar riff to 'Hallowed Be Thy Name'... or is that just me.

"HAMMETT: There's a lot of fucking crap. A lot of regurgitated stuff, too. That Papa Roach song (Last Resort), the main riff is from a fucking Iron Maiden song called Hallowed By Thy Name."

No, kirk hammet seems to agree with me.

Heavens! No one has EVER in all of musics history, used the same chord progression or riff as someone else! Papa Roach is the first! Christ Almighty should smite them with a plague of arthritis so they can never play again!

Awesum! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/09

I totally love this song and even though i cant play it loud when my families home (Due to them thinking im insane and on the verge of cutting myself) it still rocks! and i agree that its not about killing yourself! i fucking hate it when people think that! i play this song on bass guitar and its even more awesum when youre playing it! papa roach u showed mager talent doing this song!

YEAH!!! | Reviewer: King | 3/29/09

Hell Yeah! LOVE THIS SONG!! Huge Papa Roach fan!

And i completley agree! Suicide is for quitters and weaklings...i get so pissed off when i hear people killing them selves or cutting themselves...THERES NO FUCKING POINT! I dont fucking get it! Go ahead kill yourself..Your too pussy to even be walking this earth!


aj 911 | Reviewer: ashton | 10/26/08

You know last resort is the greatest song I ever heard. My friends and I think it is a song to listen to. I like it because I am a rap guy. You know that on youtube you can listen to it there if you want to. I like it because you get to listen to the music and look at the video at the same time that is what I like about the song. At times I can,t stop listening to the song