CS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/08

Interesting how this song has an EXTREMELY similar riff to 'Hallowed Be Thy Name'... or is that just me.

"HAMMETT: There's a lot of fucking crap. A lot of regurgitated stuff, too. That Papa Roach song (Last Resort), the main riff is from a fucking Iron Maiden song called Hallowed By Thy Name."

No, kirk hammet seems to agree with me.

Not killing yourself | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/08

This song is about(I think) when you are cornered and have to do something extreme to get out of it alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT KILLING YOURSELF CUZ THAT IS FOR WEAK PEOPLE JUST LIKE Demon said.

Fuck you | Reviewer: Demon | 1/12/08

This song is not about killing your self its about last resort's. I dont know how many times I have aid this damn it. His last resort is killing him self. At lest hes thinking about it. Thats good becasue am tired of every WEAL ASS person hearing this song and the first thing they think is yep killing himself. GOD! How many of you would kill your selfs as a last resort? I know mines not suicide. Suicide is for the weak people. And any one that things everyones last resort is suicide well they are stupid and weak. FUCK YOU Nathaniel and every otherweak person I utterly hate your types and one more time fuck you. I do hoe you kill your selfs then there would be les weak people.

The last and only

Hard Emo | Reviewer: Nathaniel | 11/27/07

This song is hard emo. Too many kids sitting in the basement apartment downstairs from mine, blaring it, smoking weed and cutting themselves. It would be a great song if it wasn't for some of the losers that like it though.

My Last Resort as Well | Reviewer: Zero X Fury | 10/23/07

Damn!! For but five years I didnt know what the name of this song was even though this was one of the two songs that got me interested in rock!!

Its' still fu**ing awesome

Last Resort | Reviewer: Zero X Fury | 10/23/07

Damn!! For but five years I didnt know what the name of this song was even though this was one of the two songs that got me interested in rock!!

Its' still fu**ing awesome

F***ING AWESUM | Reviewer: zyfera | 10/9/07

this is the best song in the world! i herd it in 3rd grade and now im in 10th, and its followed me since! SUFFOCATION NO BREATHING

Weird | Reviewer: Blayzer | 9/29/07

This a awesome song,And I,personally,have been inspired to draw by it,
(Not suicide attempts,mind you!)

peace out Homies.


this song rocks | Reviewer: jc | 9/28/07

wow amezing song one of the best of papa roach and this is too much to say. I belive this song say more than just the lyric, he didn't talk about it literal-minded, he didn't talk about himself, he talk about what his feeling and he said he want to end with that feeling, he want someone to help him to get out of his own hell, he's own painful emotions. just one word left cool.

the song is perfect | Reviewer: Roxanna | 8/7/07

This song... is perfect: it doesn´t need to be improved, i like it and; i listen it specially when i´m depressed... Ok, i kinda of suicidal, but the song; is perfect... i will not add nothing else, or erase nothing...is perfect the way it is.

J-Unit Remix! :D | Reviewer: bee | 7/6/07

This Song Is AMAZING, I Love It! I Recently Heard A Remix By A Band 'J-Unit'...It Was Totaly Rave! AMAZING! :D

Nothing's alright

Nothing is fine

I'm running and I'm crying

I can't go on living this way

best lines :D

wow | Reviewer: kimba | 7/4/07

wow this song is really deep with emotion. good tunes but im not a fan of suicide. other than that, kool song!

wow.. that's all i can say... wow | Reviewer: chantelle | 5/19/07

this song explains how even i feel at some times and it just speaks to me in so many ways... i love it... everything about this song is AMAZONG! if anyone doesn't like this song they abviously need to get a life ! i listen to this song like 10 times a day i love it sooo much ! best fucking song ever !

Sickkk | Reviewer: corey siatkowski | 5/8/07

this song is great i skate to it all the time. thanks papa roach

song last resort | Reviewer: sam bevalaqua | 3/2/07

this is an awosome song!! these lyrics are from the soul; deep down in the soul. the power chords get ur adreniline rushing and the drums change the beat or ur freakin heart!! ROCK ON BROTHERS!!!