T_T | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/10

My bf broke up with me because of a misunderstanding, he thought I didn't want him anymore because we lost contact for awhile, and he got together with another girl...he wants to be just friends but it's so hard, I can't get over him at all, especially knowing he's with another girl and giving his heart to her. I love this song...it pretty much illistrates how I feel.

i miss her | Reviewer: Caleb | 6/22/10

i recently broke up with my girlfriend i have bad trust issues so its my fault i care about her deeply and it was the best thing to do cause now she can be happy but this song means alot to me cause its helping me through the heartache rhed this song is for you

special | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/10

I absolutely love this song, I got into Papa Roach through an ex boyfriend, and even though we broke up and went our separate ways to probably never speak again, this song was something he left behind with me, because my feelings for him will last forever. Very meaningful and special.

CAn that really happen to me??): | Reviewer: DidThisReallyHappen??): | 5/6/10

i love this song! it reminds me of my ex); i miss him like crazyy! and i cant for get him at all! and the other day he tol me he still loved me and an hour later he tells me he gots a gurl friend and the next they they broke up and he kept tellin me he stilled loved me! and then he just told me today that he got back with his gf and i was like wtf! yu just told me yu loved me! i guess all of it was fuckin lies:( and i gave him everything!

all of you | Reviewer: Jake | 4/16/10

All of you people that are saying how much you miss you boyfriends and it was your fault, the amount of pain it would of caused him, i recently just broke up with my gf and its causing a shitload of pain... maybe they may not want to get back together with you because they dont want to be hurt that badly again

i <3 this song!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/10

i discovered this song when i was with my boyfriend was one of his favorites...then we broke up..and it was my fault..i love him so much and i miss him like hell im having a really hard time...and everytime i listen to this song i think about him...and the worst is that now he has a girlfriend... :(

ugh | Reviewer: Juliet | 12/28/09

this song is so touching
i went out with a guy for 6 months, he was my first love. but i broke up with him. and recently ive been missing him and remembering the great times we had together. and he told me he still loved me (recently) and i told him i needed time, but now he has a girlfriend. he told me to listen to this song,
now i just miss him more.

<33 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/09

i absolutely love this song..
have to listen to it at least twice a day! :] definitely reminds me of my best friend of 7 years. he proposed to me this new years.. he always loved mee.. but somehow, someway, we didnt end too good. now he is engaged to someone else. i know he doesnt love her.. he loves ME!<33 she doesnt know his story like i do.. I AM suppose to be in HER shoes.. it took me 7 years to realize my love for him was stronger than what i had thought.. but im not too late! no matter what anybody says im gonna try to stop him from marrying her.. because I LOVE HIM!<33 & i wouldnt forgive myself if i didnt even try to fight back for him..

i know maybe im lost a great person this song rocks!!! | Reviewer: who im?? | 10/15/09

ohhh wtf!!! a great song that tell just the true... i know it.. cuz i broke with my boyfriend & he sent me this song is really good!! i think it shows the big-love of a human!! yeah its true days come & go...& its true too-he let me go...idk would it hurts me in the future??

Lovely. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/09

i love this song. it describes how i feel cuz ive been trying to get over a guy for more than a year now and i still havent. he loves somebody else.. but i still care so very deeply for him. he'll always be in my heart and i dont think its wrong cuz he was my first love.. which lasted 11 days away from a year. :(( but anywayss im not depressed anymore im happy i had the chance to actually have him :) everyonee bee happy i love this song its been helping me somewhat.

Sorry. | Reviewer: Sadie | 9/23/09

To the anonymous message below; I had to excuse myself from the computer to go do something else. I would have reviewed my writeing but had no time so I reply to your message with a sorry. I still love the song though. =D Bye.

comments? | Reviewer: ian | 9/22/09

i believe this space was made for commenting on the song and lyrics, not telling random people how depressed you are. anyways, this song rocks! these are the first actual accurate lyrics I've found.

amente | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/09

You would think someone complaining about spelling and grammar on the internet would proof read their comment before posting it.

"but not a single response on what is presently the first page all contain horrible misspellings"

Love it. :)

To all the little suicidal kids posting on this, seriously chill out! People break up and move on just give it time instead of being stupid.

Wow. | Reviewer: Sadie | 9/16/09

I don't have much to say. Just that I love this song and a lot of these comments are interesting. I agree about the typing comments. I do but don't kind of agree on the life stories. I think it's better for people to let it out whether it be online so others can help or to a good trusted friend. I also think that it is kind of boring and dumb though. But I do love this song a lot. It was mine and my ex's song. Still is. Life goes on though so might as well jump in and flow with it people. If you stop in the current then every thing is going to run you over and make you hurt. Anyways, people should learn to type more appropriately. It's confusing and childish to write like you're incompitent.

Response to education question | Reviewer: Kelly | 9/11/09

They all contain horrible misspelling and heavy slang because people mistake the internet for a cell phone keypad these days and don't know the difference between typing and texting. That said: I love this song and I really think it is one of Papa Roach's best yet.