misss u soooooo much | Reviewer: Quatcher | 2/14/13

This song helped me get through a pretty rough breakup with my ex a year and a half ago. We were togethor for just about four years. We loved eachother, like alot. we were togethor 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and loved every hour, minute, second. What came between us were all the drugs and the women.....I miss him soo much, it feels like a part of me is missing. The first month or two I didnt want to live, i couldnt eat, I wanted to die. I sat in a hotelroom with some guy going through the same shit with his girlfriend of six years. we listend to this song, and it hit us both hard. Every word in this song made so much sense and I just wanted to let u guys know. THANKS PAPA ROACH U FUCKING ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! MUCH LOVE FROM BC CANADA

my break up... | Reviewer: Tamara | 6/13/12

my boyfriend broke up with me april 19... 2 days after my birthday... we had been together for 2 years... it was just out of the blue... we were doing fine that morning.. we were laughing, just having a great time... and he texted me and told me it was over... i still cry over him ever night... he has changed so much... he told me he never really cared about me in the first place that i was just another b!tch... he was always so sweet and caring... its crazy how someone can change so fast... i play this song now and then because it just reminds me of everything i have been through.. this song really speaks to me... if you know what i mean? its a really great song... sometimes when i miss him i put on this song and "i hate everything about you" by three days grace on.. somehow it gets me so pissed of at him that i realize i should'nt be crying over a d!ck like him... but my emotions play with me sometimes... one day i wake up and i hate him and never want to see him again... then the next day i miss him so bad... and i just cry... i honestly do not know what i even did... maybe us breaking up was for the best... but he was my first love... first everything... he will always have that special place in my heart.. i think about him all the time though... little things connect me with him.. like when i lay in my bed... i think of all the times we laid in my bed and talked about our future... i had looking back to how things use to be because that makes me miss him more... but i guess you have to go where you have been to get to where your going... anyways he never really cared about me anyways... i guess thats what hurts the most... to know that i cared so much about him and to know he never felt the same way... it hurts me so bad... ilove him so much that i hate him... i always thought we were that couple... the couple that was gonna' be together forever... the only couple that lasted 8th grade all the way up until we died... but who am i kiddin' nothing is that perfect.. everyone says i'm too young to know or be in love... but they are wrong... i do love him... ilove him so much it hurts... i am so hung up on him that i'm letting my life slip away from me day by day... i just want to be okay... but when i hear this song it makes me stronger... it just helps me through everything... like it lets me go back and view all the memories me and him shared but also in a way makes me realize i need to wake up and snap back to reality... and i can't stop living because of what one person has done to my life..

Pain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/12

I recently broke up with my ex and I got a new gf now but I miss my x soo much. Every time I look at the pic of us together I cry. Every time I think of wat I did and how bad I hurt her I feel ths horrible pain inside. I did something I never should have I live my new gf but I love my x more. I always will

Giuliette | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/11

Some guy who I realy lik and ove hanging with.
bt he had a girlfriend, I know he would never leave her, he love her and they've been together for a long time.
But altought that I agree being the other one, the other love.

Regret | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/11

this song reminds me of my 2nd daughters father. he was an abusive asshole and defended myself one time and I hurt him pretty bad. now we are not together anymore and every time I hear this song I think about him because I will always love him. From the day we met until FOREVER!

Asshole | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/11

This song reminds me of a guy who cheated on me with his girlfriend who he claimed they broke up. This song explains how he is himself, which is probably why he showed me it-to give me a message of who he is. I still can't believe he would do something like that to a girl like me. It's really hard to get over it because this is the first time any guy has ever cheated on me. But Bullshit... his feelings for me won't last forever.

Pain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/11

my story isn't original as I see now, keep reading all this reviews. My bf broke up with me a month ago and I saw in his facebook's account status, it was some lyrics from this song. I found it, listen it every day and tears drop from my eyes. I can't forgive him, his smell, his hands, his lips...We even didn't have our last kiss, he just went. Guess he never loves me :(

love ocean after love change lost love ocean | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/11

i love this song very much . . . . . .awsm song . . I love my god. God=lover . .. . .bt my god loves sm1 . . . . After i listen this song i love her madly. . .bt what i do no love 4 me hear . . . . So i just listen a song n feel my pain. . . . .

heartbreaking... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/11

my boyfriend of four years told me to listen to this last night as he broke up with me. I haven't cried like that for so long. So i told him to listen to cannonball by damien rice. I miss him so much and its only been a day... :( x

Him | Reviewer: ;) | 2/27/11

I'd never herd this song till this morning. My x sent me a txt msg with the song n band name it's kinda of a thing he does when he's trying to tell me something but I dunna if this is a good or a bad thing he ended it with me n crushed me compleatly broke me n I no he regrets it but he's a head fuk too so I cnt belive him anymre I don't trust him anymre I do still love him but I don't wanna b hurt again I dunna what he means by this n it's gunna bug me all day. I miss him I do but it's not enough.

just an amazing song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/11

this song reminds me of my best friend and how its going on rite now...ive always loved her ever since we met two yrs ago and now she has a bf and im still not over how i used to spend time with other girls instead of her its a great song to play especially for that special someone im performing this for her show how even though i hurt her deeply i still love her and im sorry

This is beautiful; | Reviewer: unknown | 11/12/10

i just recently discovered this song because my best guyfriend told me to listen to it. We've always had a thing for each other but the distance between us kills our chances. But, we're still going strong so the other night he told me to listen to this and now its our song, :) I love him.

so touching(: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/10

this song always remind me of my ex we broke up and im still not over it. not sure if ill ever get over him i love him and thats all i no. this explains the feelings i have toward him and so much more</33

This rocks! | Reviewer: Leonskott | 9/14/10

I love this song, I recently broke up with my girlfriend and I sent this song to her and she sent back that she wanted to be with me again. And now were back together... Sorta seems like a soap aprah or however you spell it. But I love her anyway :) ♥ ♥ ♥ <3

awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/10

i really like this song i relate to it so much,
and yer my gf broke up with me and this song just explains everything i feel,
like i loved her so much but i guess it was time to let go =(
but even tho my brain says i dont love her anymore my heart still races and butterflys still come when i see her,
this is just a good meaningful song i got so many of my friends hooked on it,
i just think papa roach is awesome