Sigh..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/08

What can I say....I loved a girl, and she was so happy when I told her, cause she had loved me for a long time...went great for a while...I have no idea why she ended it...anyway, I wrote her a love song, and my band and I are gonna preform it outside the school for all to hear. Followed, of course, by a cover of Forever. And finally, a stirring rendition of "I Hate Everything About You"....pretty cold eh? Thats the price you gotta pay.

Its just not true.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/08

And, by the way, whoever said "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"....what the hell? No its not! Seriously, if you love someone and they reject you, you're gonna be torn up beyond myself. But if you dont love just dont CARE

A very unfortunate predicament | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/08

Well, one last thing. Some bastard asked out the love of my life while we were dating, and she turned him down (good girl-you couldnt imagine the hell I would bring otherwise)) and then he threatened to kill me. Now, of course, she had to restrain me so I didnt shove a pen through his neck, but then she broke up with me (as discussed) and then he started being a pervert to I swore that if I killed myself, and he went any where near her, I would come back and haunt his ass forever. Too bad im a christian, so I cant just kill him already. You cannot even imagine how much pain it puts me in to see some bastard being a perv to the girl I'm madly in love with and not being able to do ANYTHING.

yea! | Reviewer: potpots | 11/2/08

this is so punk rock! i love you jacoby.
its you, me and you and me.!
this song was really really great.
so punk rock. to fell in love so badly and to be broken hearted at the end. awesome.
but as what this song was suggesting, days come and go, people went out, but true love and feelings will remain forever.
love can truely weakens us. but what we need is JACOBY!! hahaha. rock on guys.
see yah soon.

Long wait. . . | Reviewer: Tyler | 11/2/08

In 7th grade, I fell in love with this girl, and I knew it was love at first sight. Over the next year we got to know each other, and I finally asked her out. Of course she said "yes". Fast forward 2 years, and we now live about an hour away from each other.So far,after I moved back from MO,I've seen her twice. And when I went over I had my first kiss with her(as in ever) Every time I hear this I think of her, and how our love has stood the test of time. Charly, if you see this, I love you.Zak,dont kill me

yes, love hurts.. | Reviewer: yse | 10/31/08

i agree with many of you, this song relates to everyone who had their heart broken... me too, fell in love with a girl, she was interrested at first but then she told me she didn't want to be together... my heart fell into thousand pieces... we're friends now, but that's even worse... see her every day... love hurts a lot...

HeartBroken | Reviewer: jay | 10/30/08

yes, it hurts a lot getting your heart broken, its just a very strange depressing lost feeling, it sucks cause i liked a girl, but another girl liked me, and i blew it by ignoring her and focusing on the other, now i like the one who used to like me,and not the one who broke my heart, T_T

anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/08

good song, doesn't make me want to smile, i liked a girl and my friend stabbed me in the back after i waited too long, now me n her are "best friends" T_T
hoping to get over it :D:D
of course i don't believe in love, especially for girls (hopefully this opinion will change as it is ridiculously sexist, and i am probably just anger :D:D)

anonymous | Reviewer: devin | 9/15/08

this is to the most recent anonymous.

the same thing happened to me only its about a girl, im a guy, and every one liked her. she gave me a chance and i blew it.

if u c this email me id like to talk to u.

i love this song | Reviewer: OJ | 9/11/08

i love this song...its the best. its explains everything in my life perfectly. i love a girl. she dont. she broke my heart. everytime i look at her it makes me wanna hide in a corner somewhere away from her cos she really makes me depressed. aint love grand?

this song means everything. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/08

yes, it's true when people say heartbreakn is truley the worst pain anyone could ever feel. i'm young, very young actually, and i've already had my heart broken. i really loved him, and i still do. i know i'll never get over him, trust me i've tried. i'm the only person that likes him, even as a friend or a person. we talk a lot but i don't know, he doesn't feel the same. this song explains it all. just because all i want is one last kiss to remember him by. and everyday that passes, i can't seem to get over him. without being mine, i feel so alone.

this song is truley amazing, papa roach really poars their heart and soul into this song. i love it.

This is so right | Reviewer: Tina | 7/17/08

I think that this song relates to a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. I along with many of the rest of the people who have written here, am so madly in love with my ex that it kills me every day. He broke up with me, and then wanted me back, but I was so angry that I said no, and now, I would give anything for him to come back to me, but all he does is ignore me, he wont return my phone calls, or reply to my txt's So It may be time to just let it go, its songs like this that help people cope with the hardest things in life

.. | Reviewer: bailey | 7/1/08

first of all, this review is about the song, and not about how much i miss someone. everyone makes decisions and sacrafices, and thats exactly what this song is about. its about making a decision and knowing that its for the best, but all the while missing what you've given up. everyone has to give up something they love for a better reason at one point in their life. it may not always be a person, like it is in this song, but i believe whoever wrote this song understood exactly how hard it is to give up on something, even if its for the best.

omfg i luv this song | Reviewer: hannah | 6/21/08

ok i just herd this song yesterdayy and i couldn't get it out of my mind, yet i didn't want it out of my mind. i thinnk the reason this song is soo amazing is because he relates to the people who listen him. i wanted to cry when i herd it because he was singing for me and every other heartbreake!

thank you <3 :_(

awsome | Reviewer: blondie | 5/1/08

this is one of my new favrite songs,it sounds like he puts his heart and soul into this song and it touched me the first time i heard it.i think everyone can relate to some part of this is truley a once in a life time song.