Tears | Reviewer: Kelly | 8/30/07

Well I lost my bf b/c he ghot jealous b/c I made new friends.

I really liked him alot almost fell in love with him.
But uh yeah this song helps me ghet through along with Here I stand by Madina Lake.

And readig all you ghuys cmts alomost made me tear...

truth | Reviewer: Crystal | 8/28/07

this song reminds me of the someone I can't let go. Even though we both know we aren't good for each other, I hold on to him, even though I know I will go.

Death makes us mortal. Life makes us wise. | Reviewer: Drachen | 8/29/07

I've studied emotions and human behavior. Yet I have never experienced them in myself. I never met my mother and father, all I know about them is that they are extremely wealthy. And they had me raised in a way unlike any child in the world. When I was born I was handed over to scientists. That used human like robots to pose as my mother and father. I never had actual human contact until I was twenty five years old and sent to college. When I took the placement test on their computer, my score was higher than any score they had ever seen or has ever been. The dean called me and asked me to come out to his office to speak to him about my test scores. He asked me (Who are you), I can't find you in the system. You only have a Social Security Number. There are no records of you ever attending school. And how did you score this high on our computer. I told him that I could have scored higher but that would have meant I would have had to stay on the computer for twenty four hours. I was getting every question correct and the computer wasn't stopping for that reason. So after five hours I stopped it myself. The dean was sitting behind his desk in amazement. Yet at the same time the woman I was dating at that time was sitting beside me, witnessing something she will never encounter again in her life. She went to a different college and now she's a doctor. When I read the lyrics to this song and hear the music, I know it's about emotions AKA love. This artist is writing about killing love. Love for addiction. One can get so caught up into their own fantasy that they lose contact with who they really are. Slip out of reality and into an imaginary emotional world they make up in their own mind. Become totally isolated from the real world around them. In their own minds they build themselves up so high that when the real world changes around them they feel alone and betrayed. Yet they fail to see that they are in fantasy land. And then they think that they are falling but in reality their emotional fantasy has come to an end. And they have to now face reality. Death makes us mortal. Life makes us wise.

my feelings for you are forever | Reviewer: corazon of a loser | 8/23/07

i know that this song isn't actually a broken heart song about your feelings to your ex. but it sounds so much like it. The chorus is just perfect if you still have those true feelings for that special someone. I know I still do. Its been more than half a year since he broke up with me and i still can't get over him. He says he still cares for me and i know he does. He just doesn't know if hes ready to love again or if he deserves me. =/

...but my feelings for him are forever.

forever | Reviewer: danielle | 8/23/07

i love this song to death.... i don't think that i would ever be able to replace him. i care about him too much! hes leaving me soon because he is graduating and then hes off to basic. and im going to back him up 100%. and i will always be there for him. i love you.....

xoxo... dam

Is this the beginning? | Reviewer: Lyndsay | 8/21/07

he's been my crush for 3 years, and we've always had an on and off "crushing" with eachother. well, atleast he has. every song reminds me of him, doesn't matter what kind of song. he's always on my mind. and as it turns out, he's been liking me for a little while now. we're going to see what time brings us, i mean.. he is my first love. never had i felt like that before. its not somg teenage romance with no point. hearing this song.. it made me realize.. that i will not get over him.. so why try right now. im going to let the music heal my soul and see where out love brings us.

helpless | Reviewer: Michelle | 8/16/07

This song is soo good I was married 4 18y and have 2 kids 13 11 and he left me for some home wrecker (dog face) that what me to give up on my husband because we been together at a young age but get this he using her for her ass He 37 and she is 33 go figure

more loss than anybody? | Reviewer: Jessica Rane | 8/17/07

I lost the love of my life because of his ex-girlfriend. He liked her a lot, but he fell in love with me. We loved weachother so much it was ridiculous. We were perfect together, but we've been off-and-on because he's afraid to love me. He later told me about how he had slept with his ex though he told me he didn't. Now, he feels miserable and regrets it. He wish he never did it and knows that it hurts me. Now, he feels undeserving of me and never wants to talk to me and I don't care about that anymore. I told him that then-and-there, and I'm still in love with him, but he's afraid to hurt me. This song makes me sad everytime I hear it and I wish he didn't let go.

this song is not what you think | Reviewer: JB | 8/17/07

Although I deeply respect those who accept this song as the commentary of a personal relationship, this song is not about romance, per se. It is about swearing off an addiction.

Read the lyrics very carefully. They personify the addiction using a relationship as a metaphor, and tip their hand by purposely using the pun heroin(e). The chorus echo "one last kiss/before i go...etc" is an internal monologue speaking to the addiction and feeling sympathy for the pain/sorrow about to be endured in withdrawal. Hence the "Brightest hour of my darkest day", vis-a-vis, the moment of clarity.

"One last Kiss" refers to the (alleged) last time using, "the kiss" is an underground reference to shooting up.

This being said, regardless of how this song is interpreted, it's brilliant writing.

This song... | Reviewer: Robyn Hood :) | 8/15/07

Reminds me of what happened on February 21st.....

I had been with my Boyfriend for over 6 years.
And then I lost him.

He said the reason... Afraid to love me....
I haven't got him back, and it reminds me of what happened with him.. This is the only song I EVER listen to.......

I know more loss than anyone probably posting. =\

aww :) | Reviewer: Michelle | 8/13/07

This song's just so perfect if you're still in love with some one after a hard break up. Especially my 2 almost 3 year on and off relationship. My first, let's just say EVERYTHING. :P Yeah then he just had to move, haven't seen him in atleast a year. Still talking constantly. :( Day's come and go, but my feelings for him are forever.

Kels | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/07

This is the hardest song to listen to but so GOOD. I dont think I could ever get over someone so special to me. I just wish he never had to leave to college...

this song rox | Reviewer: papa roach rox | 8/8/07

Wow this song is so awsome ii never used to like rock at all but then myy boyyfriend got me into it && now im like IN LOVE with it!! Its all kewl! but ya luv this song its dee best!! =D

4ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/07

I had a bf n god did I luv him but then there was anther boy who like me n w/o thinking I started going out w/ him but my first bf thought I was cheating on him n then he broke up w/ me soon after I herd tat song n I cryed soo hard n it relly hit me in the heart a few month l8r he came bak 4 me n I did broke tat other dude lol

True Love | Reviewer: Karissa | 8/8/07

Omg I Love This SOng
I Know Its About Like missing Ur Ex Nd Shit...But Wea It Mentions 'Your My Heroine' Nd 'My Feelings For Yooh Are Forvah' That Just Reminds Me Of Me Nd My Boi...
He Sumg The Chorus 2 Me Ovah The Fone Last Nyt
I Love Yooh Caleb Always Nd 4Evah
Love Your Gurl Assirak
Karissa xxx
Chips Nd Dip Hehe