mike | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/09

mike i know what you mean my girlfriend brkoke up with me a week ago and i started doing s**t i never thought i would (drugs) and i know i won't get over her. and i can connect to this song same as you

Does anyone get an education anymore? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/09

This is definitely a great song.

That said, does anyone get an education anymore? Granted that I haven't gone through all of the comments, but not a single response on what is presently the first page all contain horrible misspellings, ridiculous amounts of slang, or grammar problems.

</3 | Reviewer: nanana. | 7/22/09

I had a boyfrend for 2 years.
we broke up. cause he dont love me anymore. now, he have new girl. nice girl. he loves her.
but im still crying. i cant get over him. I know that 7 months, its to long to crying for some1 but i cant help myself. i cant fix myself. Everytime i see his pic or something like that I stared to crying..im still really depressed. but this song helps me.. again and again..

awesome song and review for Pir's | Reviewer: shahar385 | 5/31/09

this song is so good... oh and Pir... i thing ppl should stop randomly tellin life stories here... but... how would she/he write this if the NEEARLY suicide was a suicide? lol... think things through before you write em XD... oh and im not an internet fighter! just responded! remember! INTERNET FIGHTING IS LIKE THE "SPECIAL" ULIMPICS... EVEN IF U WIN... YOUR STILL RETARTED! HAHA!

For dhfbvahsdga... | Reviewer: Ashley | 5/2/09

dhfbvahsdga, I'm sure that you are dealing with a great deal of heartache, but intentionally harming yourself is not the answer. Self-love is just as important than romantic love (if not moreso), and you should never have to feel like you have to inflict physical or emotional pain on yourself because of love. Perhaps you could consider talking to someone who could help you through this hard time - maybe a parent or a trusted friend...

sad | Reviewer: dhfbvahsdga | 2/25/09

I dated this guy for a year. i loved him soo much. he cheated on me with a 16 year old girl i am 14. and he is also 14. I cried my eyes out for 3 months, i hadn't even seen anyone else besides this boy. I saw otherguys but not there faces. i only saw him. he was the one and he broke it all. i know the real pain i have experienced it. i cut up my legs and armss. scars now. faint memories of my morbid times. i still haven't gotten over him.

@ love! < rubidisaster | Reviewer: Pir | 1/20/09

I love this song... I do.. but @ rubidisaster... what's your point about telling your whole lifestory here? Like we care =.='. Why should we know you 'neeearly' committed suicide. Would be more interesting if you really did..

Love! | Reviewer: rubidisaster@ymail.com | 12/12/08

When I heard this song I feel in love with it!it reminded me of the love of my life!
If we where still together today we could have been 1 year & 8 months together!
I had broken up with him once kuz he flirted with other girls....we got back together n bout 8 months later he broke up with me kuz he though I was happier without him..(which was never true!)we got back 2gether after exactly 2 weeks and after like about a month or so he broke up with me again!(he didn't give me a reason y n he told my bestfriend that he wanted 2 break up!he didn't even have the balls 2 say it 2 my face!)he went out with another girl that ended up wanting 2 fight me..but then didn't!he broke up with her kuz she cheated on him!after about a week or 2 of when he broke up with her we went back out!...we were happier than ever before! But sadly he broke up with me AGAIN kuz he MIGHT move 2 california!he was always flirting with other girls!and I am so hurt because he always told me he loved me!but now I just think he was lying!I can't get over him!I almost commited suicide but my friend saw me at the bridge at our skool and she stoped me!
I really wish she didn't because I'm just in pain and was suks is that I have 2 see him everyday at skool!
I don't think I'll ever fall in love again!
Because maybe if I do I'm just gunna get hurt again!by the way this was the first guy I ever feel in love with!
Love can be a magical feeling but when u least expect it,it will stab u in the back n make u go through pain and suffering!

pain | Reviewer: Tyler durden | 12/10/08

I met a girl on a party i liked her
i went to her and i asked f she wants to have a drink with me , she accept that when the part ended i took her to my house i fucked her and i didn't see her for a year after that , s*endlly she caaled me in the phone and she tolled me that sha has a daughter you know my daughter then i moved from my contry to another one and i changed everything even my name and this song helps alot to get over her pain and my daughters :( fuck you

i have nearly lived this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/08

i know this song so well.... me and this girl i have been with for a while are not exactly the greatest couple... meanwhile i hve started dating another while i was with her (i know its wrong) but im in deep love with the one i have found..but the one that i was with longer is turning around a little.......... i dont know what to do but this song helps comfort me

exactly | Reviewer: mikeee | 11/22/08

i've dated this girl for 3 years. im a senior in high. and we are falling apart. this song is exact. im going everywhere and all "these drugs and these women" i've gotten myself into things i never wanted to be in. and the girls just keep coming. but they're not her and its horrible. but i know "it is time to let this go" and i know that my feelings for her will be forever :/ its amazing how songs can do that. just be like hey this is your life kid.

Hrtbreak | Reviewer: Billy | 11/17/08

This song completely describes my life for the past year about. I dates this girl for 3 months and we loved eachother so much it hurt...but she broke up with me. im 37 and shes 15...I piked her up after her school got out and i saw her mking out wit anothet guy and it hurt me bad inside. I pretended not to see then after she got in the car we startd fighting then after e got to my house i beat her and he face was bleeding and i broke her arm. She got a knofe and cut my dogs throat then i started cryinghat a bitch why would she kill osmeones dog. The police showed up and i went to jail for 6 years then after i got ut i looked up her adress on the internet and found her house. I heard this song on the radio so i put it on a cd and played it threw a boombox outside her windw and when sh saw me she atrsted crying an then cae outide thn we wnt to my car and i fcked her good!!!! lol she likd it but thn sh moved away and ive nvr talkd ti her since. I think i know the biggest heartbrek out of all of u
:( :( :( :(

.... | Reviewer: hurtforever | 11/15/08

I had a girlfriend. i was in love. i showed her affection, i bought her things, and we even took the relationship ridiculously slow... she ended up breaking up with me, because her father found out we were together (she wasn't allowed to date) i was hurt, for a long time. i couldn't get over her.i found this song while upset. i listened to it a lot, and it really helped. im still really depressed. but no where NEAR as bad as i was before.

the worst ever! | Reviewer: Elijah may babii♥☺♥ | 11/12/08

it was in 7th grade.i rlly liked this one guy and i had found out that he liked me as well.he axed me out on myspace cuz he was to scared to do it in person he even told me himself.anywayz we wen out for like 2 or 3 months,he got told me that he loved me and that he'll love me forever.we hung out everyday till like 12:00 somthing at night.we were inseperatable.well he got in a fight at school with another guy and he got expelled.then he had to move to texas.it suckeddd!!!!then like 2 weeks ltr he broke up with me while i was playing this song.i was like balling my eyes out!i loved him so much that i was gonna commit suicide.but i didnt.even tho i hate his guts bow i still have feelings for him.and it hurts me to think about him.when i listen to this song i start too cry and wonder why it had to end+[

So appropriate it hurts.... | Reviewer: ........ | 11/8/08

God....I was so madly in love with this girl...we dated for...a few months maybe....but she broke up with me. Found out she never even liked me to begin with. I was in love with her, and she never even LIKED me. I felt like I got shot straight through the heart (lil Bon Jovi humor there) ...but I'd imagine getting shot would be the preferable option, because you'd die much quicker. And every day I see her...it hurts just as much as the first day...and I see the way she smiles at other guys...she never looked at me like that....god....I first heard this song while we were dating, and I would sing her the chorus up on a balcony....then we broke up, and I would sing this song to myself as I stood on the same balcony wishing I had never met her, yet at the same time wishing desperately to have her back. Contradictory? Maybe. Do I care? Not in the slightest.