love sucks sometimes.. | Reviewer: Natasha | 4/24/08

we all know and hear about how horrible and painful love is, but i guess you never truly understand it untill you've had it, and then lost it. it sucks, esspecially when you have no idea things are ending and it just happens, or even worse, when you do know but you choose to ignore it and hold on with all you've got, and it ends horribly. well i guess what im saying is, this song helped me when nothing else could..

just love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/08

this song was written for me, it explains just how i feel. i really like this one guy, almost love him. we kinda had our special moment but it passed and now things have changed, he hurt me... and now i just cant get through to him so i'm ready to give up.

love this songg =]

this is a touching song | Reviewer: Wowow | 3/28/08

i've been in love with my ex for about three years now and when i heard this song i could totally relate. i can't get over him, i can't get through to him and the memories of what we had still haunt me. i've tried moving on but the guys i've been with are just to have good time. i don't think i've ever had feelings for any of them. and i love how the song asks for one last kiss because i long for one. this is an excellent song.

speaks my heart | Reviewer: travis | 3/11/08

i've loved this girl for 3's been over since 1st of May 2007. Ever since then...i've never been able to get over her. for certain things which she has done, i could not forgive but...i still love her very much. just hoping that one day, she would come back to me truthfully. i really still miss her but i hope she's leading a good life with her special someone. cheers to this song...!!

meaning 4 me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/08

well i think this song is about a guy who has broken up with his girlfriend he misses her but at th same time he hates her and can't forgive her.But he still loves her because he was feeling sth deep 4 her...he needs to feel her 4 th last time to move on...

meaning 4 me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/08

well i think is about a guy who has broken up with his girlfriend he misses her but at th same time he hates her and can't forgive her.But he still loves her because he was feeling sth deep 4 her...he needs to feel her 4 th last time to move on...

he's the song I keep singing | Reviewer: stonergirl | 1/31/08

His ex crushed him cheated on him and broke him. I wantto fix him and be his little dirty girl, being his heroin..because the days will come and go but my feelings for him are forever. I heart him.

Love you, JP!!! | Reviewer: A Nobody | 1/27/08

OK a guy I have liked for 2 years still doesnt realize I love him... Ive asked him out once b4 but no answer... (It was in a note.) Now I dont know wether he likes me or not because the schools biggest known to be liar is saying that shes talked to him and stuff but i dont think its true... But this song is the most fitting because even if he thinks I would break up with him within a week or if hes even to scared to ask me out Ill always make the first move and wait for him "Forever." Ill always love him. . .

~4ever-n-Always~ --- I <3 ???

yea | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/08

i dated this kid for two years and we broke up a good 8 months ago but about a month ago i asked him if he still thought about me he told me to look up these lyrics and thats exactly how he felt...i cried when i relized what it was sayin

this song... | Reviewer: Linsey | 1/14/08

this song really touches me now. i didnt think that much of it before but me and a guy i had been seeing who was three years older than me split up about a month ago and the days may come and go but my feelings for him or forever. i just wish he would realize that i need him. i cant find anyone else and he says the age is a problem. but oh well i still hang on to all of his things and our memories together. i love you boy!

(chours) because days come and go around but my feelings for you are forever | Reviewer: jordan | 1/3/08

like in the beginning of the chourus it's right but the row before the las is suposed 2 say "because days come and go but my feelings for you are forever" check it out while ur listening 2 the song but u have 2 follow along very carefully. ok well any way i love papa roach it is 1 of my fav. bands ok well whatever c ya ...............not.

days will go but my feelings for you last | Reviewer: Brandi | 1/2/08

This song I never thought anything about it, until I actually let it flow through me.
Ive been seeing on and off a guy whos 4 years older than I am. A man like no other, :) one who warmed my heart every time I saw him, a guy who wasnt afraid to kiss me in public and let ppl know I was his woman. He gave me cute little nicknames.. we departed when his cousin got murdered.. He stepped back and I stepped forward to comfort him.. it ended... I cant date other men, b/c all I think about is how Happy I was with this guy, and How my feelings for him are still on the surface.
This song tells all for me..
I just wish he'd open his eyes and take me!


kickass song | Reviewer: 13thfloor | 12/14/07

me and this guy have been over for lyk 5 months...we went out for a while.. i loved now seeing him date other people kills me inside..weve lost touch and have grown to not even saying hi.this song is pefect for how i feel

life....forever.... | Reviewer: melissa | 12/11/07

my best friend and her boyfriend keep breaking she's "convinced" herself she's over him...i'm not falling for it, but he's practically on his knees for i told them that this is their song...she got pissed, and he just said "thanks"....


what is so cool about this song | Reviewer: blacktide | 12/5/07

this song give me a way to tell any one that i like or some one i love to stay togeter with me and every way

and papa is so f'en cool