Forever | Reviewer: 120 | 7/5/07

I had the who world stopping thing when I met him. Became friends.. then better friends.. now, he has been doing some really stupid things..i.e. standing me up.. I can forgive (eh..) but I will never forget. it's putting a huge damper on things between us, and now I think I should let him go.. it hurts.

pure poetry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/07

this song gave me the inspiration to tell my ex that i'm still in love with her. it defines my life and situations so well. excellent song

beautiful, yet painful | Reviewer: juliana | 7/3/07

this song relates to my situation 1oo%..its been 1 month and a half since my boyfriend and i broke ^ and he went back to his ex even so i am still in love with him even though he doesn't see me as anything "special" anymore & one last kiss would be perfect this song helps me a lot to ease the pain.

one last kiss | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/07

the lyrics to this song are so powerful! and everyone who has expierenced some sort of heartbreak can relate. i can never forgive matt for what he did but i still love him and i still long for that one last kiss!

my feelings for you are forever | Reviewer: iiN L0VE | 6/29/07

wow... i love this song. it reminds me of my boyfriend and i. well okay it depends on the part of the song. we are in love like no other right now. we dated for a little while once before. he broke up with me, but still loved me. soon after that he was missing me a-l-o-t, but he always thought i was happy without him. yet i was just hiding my pain

"all these drugs, all these women" well im not into women but i am into guys... i had met guy after guy after we broke up... i did a couple drugs... one of the was herion.. i passed out the last time i did it, so no more herion for me.. i also drank ALOT..!!

"because days come and go, but my feelings for you last forever" a couple of months after we broke up, i finally thought that me and him had no change of ever getting back together. i had a one night stand with a guy. loosing my virginity to another guy reallly hurt him, but he still loved me though it all.

"one last kiss" i remember we had this really romantic moment. he was about ready to kiss me. we both talk about this moment all the time, he told me that for our anniversary that he is going to take me back to the place where this all happened he was kind of go back in time and do everything and say everything that he wanted to say to me while we were broken up.

"brightest hour of my darkest day" both seeing each other made our days alot better and happier!

"i realized what was wrong with me. cant get over you, cant get though to you" he couldnt get over me.. and i couldnt get over him... we never really talked, i thought it was kinda awkward talking to him, so i kinda avoided him a little bit.

yeahh, youre reading this and probably thinking that im 20 and just been though alot of crazy stuff... but no... iM 0NLY FiFTEEN! yeahh, kids have feelings too, and i have very stong feelings for my boyfriend. i cant even explain how happy he makes me... i love him so much.

wrong word meaning | Reviewer: kat | 6/27/07

amazing song, but misunderstood. the cd shows the the word "heroin" is spelled as "heroine". not the drug, i think. heroine (with an "e") is like hero but in the feminine form. heroin without an "e" is simply the drug. big complications. seriously, google that stuff.

Just the song... | Reviewer: Ardimo | 6/26/07

I decided to write something here because it may help some of you that may be going through a heart break and listened to this song. First of all, the song is awesome because it talks about something that most people will go through at least once in their lives.
I was in a relationship with a girl I loved dearly, but in the end, that person could not change. And no matter what I did to try to change her in the end it was all in vain. The fact is people have to change if they want to but you can not make anyone change. I realized I was miserable throughout the relationship and though it pained me and to see her cry, I had to let her go. I will always love her, but I must accept that I will probably never be with her again. I hope some of you that may be going through heart breaks as such can eventually find peace in your lives and move on. Sometimes you just have to accept that no matter how much you want to help someone, if they do not want to be helped there isnt much you can do. Peace and Love.

let go | Reviewer: britt | 6/25/07

this song is so describes my situation with my ex boyfriend...ill never forgive him for what he has done to me,but im still so in love with him.but how can you love someone so much & hate them at the same time?& i know he still loves me too....but theres just way too much baggage in our relationship for us to be together.let go....

i love this song | Reviewer: summerr | 6/24/07

this song, and alot of their other songs remind me of my boyfriend that passed away less than two months ago. it makes me cry whenever i listen to it/

fuck this guy | Reviewer: Justin Liberace | 6/24/07

u suck, this song is good but brings me back to my days of obesseoin about an emo kid!! :/

another day in the life of a poet | Reviewer: Andy | 6/23/07

its been 7 months since i last saw her...but every time i listen to this song it makes me miss her like crazy...
<3<3<3 still dreaming of an angel <3<3<3

Stephen, Steven | Reviewer: Dana | 6/22/07

This song hits so close to home with me about my exes steve and stephen 1 died the other might as well have I am lost and can't get over either one but am trying so damn hard everyday i wake up alone and shouldn't Also the drug thing can relate to that so much...awesome song

Kick @$$ album!! | Reviewer: Wil S. | 6/22/07

Besides the obvious, reminding you of an ex or so, this is an amazing songs, musically and lyrically. I knew Jacoby had it in him to put out another album that could match and exceed the success of Infest! Can't wait to see them on tour again. F**king kick @$$!!! Viva La Cucaracha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About the song Forever performed by Papa Roach | Reviewer: marcela | 6/22/07

This song makes me think of a guy loosing his girlfriend to drugs and other women. His girlfriend is leaving him, but this one girl hes been cheating on her with is his heroin. And now he feels stuck.

what i felt for her | Reviewer: Brandon | 6/20/07

Her name is Catherine..eventhough we broke up, when ever i hear this song..makes me wanna be together again..we broke up cuz my family wasn't happy bout it...well, i geuss its life...but i know she still loves me!!