done with you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/09

i know jacoby mentioned this song was about his struggle with alcoholism but i feel that he knew it could relate on various levels with his audience, especially break ups.

Sometimes you just need to draw a line and say "its over". althouogh it is just a song, it at least tells you that someone else in the world has gone through what you are going through and i find comfort in it.

fxk you, Mono. | Reviewer: j u li;; | 8/8/07

Well. His nickname was Mono. I should have guessed he was as dangerous as a disease. This song is for him, entirely. Just leave me alone already, boy. I know I said i'd take you back but I won't. And I can't. So goodbye, I'm "done with you".

Sorry Boys | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/07

OK for starters I love this song...its one of my favorites...lets just say i've had sometimes like this...Reading these lyrics I have relized man I've done that to alot of guys got them all worked up that I liked them and I turns out I didnt...oops...But then again...I guess we've all done it once or twice...All i know is that I love this song and its one of my favorites

keep the good songs coming