my children | Reviewer: Patsy Wences | 2/1/14

As a mother I never wanted a broken home for you my home was both parentx but sometimes itz better broken than to suffer ag the hands of abuse, better alone than scared for life. Just know that the person missing dosnt have to define who you are rather make you stronger and wiser to change the future of the next generation into a better one because of you..I love you kids im here for you a nd I willing and be till I die and even then in my heart and yours we will aways be.

broken homes | Reviewer: Kasey! | 10/24/12

Broken homes seem to be one of the biggest problems with the world causing ppl to grow up and end up with a bunch of emotional and mental issues like myself....growing up as a child my real father was never around and has never been in my life...but my mother has always been there and had my back no matter what direction I'm going in my life....she's my rock..hence why the lyrics "I know my mother loves me but does my father even care)" mean so much...u grew up all my childhood though dealing with the abusive stepfather crap getting the hell beat outta me everyday/every other day...and I'm now a 27 yr old male who can barely function in society or even handle being around ppl or I'm public due to all the severe post tramatic stress I suffer do to my childhood and it sucks believe me....but I also have to say that as much as I hate my upbringing almost everyday if it wasn't for that and besides the emotional and mental dissabilities I suffer I'm told all the time about how I'm such an open minded very intelligent person which is prolly thanks to the life I lived growing up or I wouldn't look at certain things in life the way I do and be the person I am to all the others suffering out there from a broken home remember suicide is not the answer bc I've struggled with that in my life too when I was in my teens but I've realized things CAN get better you just have to allow it and push yourself to make ur life better...remember your own happiness is what make the best of your life that you can...Sometimes you've gotta rescue yourself from all the crap and rise above!...I love a lot of papa roach...but broken home prolly saved my life by helping me realize I'm not all alone in the world with what I delt with growing up....So Keep your heads up! :)

putting up with him | Reviewer: kalz | 6/26/12

hello... ive cried over and over listening too this song ... my dad and i dont get along very well ... he always tells me im stupid .. and he thretends to hurt me for the stupidest reasons ... i tell my mom i hate him and she says "i cant get involved" my father gets agressive sometimes when i tell him things ... even though i dont trust him much i still tell him how life is ... having a dad that scares you and makes you depressed inside isnt the best feeling ever but knowing ur mom will come around the corner and say "i love you" just makes that terrible, hurt feeling inside ... go away ... scars is also another song that i can relate to in this situation ... ILoveYou PaPa Roach .... xox kalzey !!!

this song describes me | Reviewer: MK | 4/7/12

I know my parents love me. This song describes it. My mother loves me to high hell. My father loves me, but he doesnt care sometimes. He's never on my side sometimes, my mother stays by my side, but my father always wins.

i can relate | Reviewer: chocolate chips and bacon | 10/23/11

I relate so well to this. My dad loves me, but I don't think he really cares. My mother is verbally abusive as hell, sometimes even physically abusive. She might love me in a twisted, angry way. Usually when my mom fucks with me like she does so much, my father doesn't stand up for me. He's usually right fucking there and he just nods and agrees with her. Then later on, when she's not around, he'll tell me how he was on my side. But of course my story isn't unique. Lots of other people have this shit to deal with. And this song proves it.

Shattered | Reviewer: Emo...Kind of | 10/11/11

I really love this song because I can relate to it so well. My dad is nowhere, even though he 'loves' me... My mom verbally abuses me and so... I dunno. I just really love knowing that I'm not alone in that, and at the same time I wish that no one else knew what that was like because it's so awful...

broken | Reviewer: ajay | 4/20/11

i love this song cause i was raised up with abusive parents an i lived thru hell for twenty years but im out now this song touches me so deep cuz its my life an i know a whole lot of kids that live in broken homes are scared to trust anyonne i know i was that kid but it took along time to realize im not in this alone an neither r these kids u never have to go at it alone i absolutly love this song its AWSOME an papa roach it a incredible band keep doin what u do cuz its awsome

The downside of life | Reviewer: MJ | 3/28/11

I can totally relate to this song and everyone who has gone through the tragic truth of having a careless father. May parents separated when I was about 4 years old. The guy, of course, remarried and now has 4 kids. The worst thing about this is, he's 24/7 by their side and never by mine especially when I need him the most. One more thing that really brakes me every time is how much he talks about them whenever we're together. He praises them so much that he totally forgets about me or that I am there. Above all, everything he promised me, everything he said he'd do for me, he did it all for them. I wish I can say that he did a couple of them, but then I'd just be fooling myself.
Remember this guys, we can get through, with or without a father. Didn't we get this far? We can definitely go further. We are strong and nothing will break us. Keep that smile on your faces and show the world that we are survivors :)

Story of my Life | Reviewer: Erika | 1/15/11

I like this song because I can relate to it a lot, and so can a lot of other kids. It's nice to know that you aren't the only one who went through the pain of living in a broken home. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
Papa Roach is a great band

:/ | Reviewer: deezy boo | 10/19/10

i love this song because it reflects many different peoples lifes. i have a father who does not care and even tho i know he loves me he doesnt show it i dont see my father i walked out on him when i was younger. my mother strugles with things but as i am an only child really i make things harder for her, she would do anything for me within reason i know that but theres no need for her to slag me off when i'm in the next room or say to me shes had enuf of living!!!!!!! sorry just had to get that off my chest for you lot to see :/ x

Wow | Reviewer: Jaded | 6/23/10

I'm no different. I can totally relate to this song. Drug addicted, alcoholic, abusive father, and a mother who would give her life for her kids. I could sit here and tell of how I've lived in hell, but that's just unnecessary. In this world, no one is alone. This song is proof enough.

Jacoby actually cried while recording this song. So I thank Papa Roach for not only writing such an incredible song, but also for having a heart. More artists should be like ya'll...

Truth | Reviewer: Zach Bowen alas Dread | 3/28/10

Yeah this song reflects life of alot of lives... and as i read a post up above... it doesnt have to be moms there are abusive moms and dads have to take care of kids life can truly be a horrid thing... and this song in my oppinion helps me when im down it reminds me im not alone...

we all stop and think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/10

this is one of them songs that make us all stop and think because we all relate to it in one way or another or know some one in this situation i feel this song as like meany kids my mum raised me and my brother from when i was 3 and my dad used to beat her but she came back form that to be a good mum and made sure we had everything we needed again all those people who only had there mum to bring them up maybe she did the best job she could

truth | Reviewer: ba | 2/28/09

this fits perfectly with me and my best friends lives. its crazy how parents can affect us in the long run. they dont understand what their doing to us. were crying day and night, were responsible for their pain. their responsible for ours.
"Crying by yourself, living in a broken home"
i guess this song shows us, even when we feel alone,and nobody knows how we feel,we never really are alone in this world.

good song | Reviewer: anonymous | 11/1/08

I really like this song because I can really relate to it because my mom used to abuse my mom when i was younger and he did mom pretty much raised me on her own and that bastard never helped but im not here to talk about my life story I just wanna say that this song is really good me and my girlfriend love it