this song is great | Reviewer: poopy cock | 5/20/13

I can't say I understand phil, he probably has more deeper and cooler thought to this than my ignorant mind does but I can relate though
I sometimes feel like hating life is a crime, hating a god that doesn't excist in your thought a sin in a book that's just a waste of paper and hating the system something only psycho paths feel
I'm not saying my life is hard all the time but its far from perfect
Then again perfect will suck
I have fallen in love with hate
And this song keeps me sprung on the emotion as lame as that sounds
I think hate sometimes brings room for progress
Screw all of those assholes who call people like us losers ignorant good for nothing junkiess(or not) a waste of skin or a just freak because we all know we rather be losers then some suck up who would fall into the same system like those the dildo preps and regular jack offs egotistical maniacs admire so much have sucked the system's cock
Thanks pantera for just being awesome I hope before I die I get the chance to see you guys live

rock n roll | Reviewer: Duane steven | 2/1/13

sup. i love your songs i wish i was at your guys consert i like the almost the whole album. but the 9 songs i like was fucking bad ass i just got done hering the SONG FLOODS.BUT REALLY I DO LOVE YOUR BAND. I LIKE THE GIUTAR HERO. I DONT KNOW YOU GUYS NAME BUT I KNOW THE DRUMMERS NAME I THINK ITS VINNIE.BUT YEAH . WELL I GOT TO GO LOVE YOU GUYS. NOT LIKE THAT HA HA HA SEE YA.

FUCK THE WOLD`S ASS | Reviewer: the humanity hater | 6/28/12

I FUCKING LOVE THIS BAND.realy guyes name to me one thing just one thing good in these world.... haaa?! ofcuors nothing just hate and wars my country we was live in peace until the peopole start to kill each other and way! i dont know! realy... thanks pantera

pantera | Reviewer: jorgeluis | 5/6/12

so fucking true about everything that phil said in this song you cannot judge someone that you dont know and the sistem all the time has been fuck so fuck off n rocks with pantera

fucking awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/12

I agree in everyway, fuck all those who judge you for who you are, we all different in many ways, media, your own family casts you for not being a kiss ass just like everyone else, I include myself for being shit, I saw many ways of bullshit when I was in the corps, long live Pantera and rip dimebag fucking darrel, and Fuck the world!!!!!!!!!!

A Song That Truly Describes The World | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/11

Great song that truly describes how I feel about the world every fucking day from the moment I wake up. Every single day, people only prove to me that they're a piece of shit like everyone else. My rage only gets worse and worse, and unfortunately, this makes me a piece of shit too. I try to be the good person and do the right things, but as soon as I do, that one fuckin' asshole fucks everything up, and only brings bad. FUCK THE WORLD!

The great Pantera | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/11

Pantera rocks and Phil Anselmo is one of the best singers and writer of all times he really catches the feeling to be judged unfairly by a bunch of shit-people,not only the media itself. His compositions give me strength to realize that I am not alone about feeling this revolt and hate. The world is not a beautiful world to everybody, so fellas strive on.

the true emotion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/10

One of the songs that keeps me fucking alive every day.I think it's not only against the media but against all the shit-people you know and will meet.
When I first listened to it, it was like, I don't know, "a bullet in your fucking head"(as well as TGSTK itself). Thank you guys, wish I could ever see alive