Still primo | Reviewer: shashi | 12/11/11

Great song, didn't expect it to be played on radio stn work listens to but there is was! Inspiring - I had never really paid much attention to my Pantera CDs now I wish I had them back.
Wow some crazy dudes here - this song is obviously not for you or you don't quite get the message. People who command respect don't need to lash out at someone to channel their anger.

respect | Reviewer: RE | 12/8/09

this song just made my day..i couldn't go a day witout listen to Pantera..the music juz awesome.,its a pity they seems to b forgotten while they should hav d respect equal to those of zeppelin,megadeth etc...they made metal 'groove' ..listen to dis song Walk!!!amazing feeling dat wil hit ur adrenaline..n made u juz banging ur head!!
Pantera deserves more!!!

OMG | Reviewer: Charlotte | 12/13/08

This song fucking made my day!!! amazing!! i'm very relaxed right now(i can thank the song for that!!!)the anger i kept in me tonight is gone!! I cant wait to get their CDs! Pantera seems to be a great band! I reaally hope the other tracks are gooood!!

The hatefull comparisons | Reviewer: Fer | 6/18/08

It's pretty clear that Pantera was a great band, that the sound it's great and the rest.. but to say almost A7X sucks but its cover, reflex certain inmadurity and the wishes of time stoping on a certain age.. Maybe we still should be listening JUST BB King, Grand Funk, Led Zeppelin or some other bands who paved the way to the great bands we know (nowadays)
Well the world goes on, accept it, hear what you like and as this song says "Re, Spect, walk, are you talking to me???" (Stop critizicing)

My respects from Chile

uh...dude | Reviewer: Ford | 3/30/08

haha. um scarydude phil and rex are both still alive. just thought id let you know. but...yeah. vinnie is just seperate from the guys in HellYeah and rex and Phil are in DOWN(which i think they are pretty kick ass).

btw. great song! it does just make you wanna kick someone's ass!

Pantera | Reviewer: DruMMeR | 1/29/08

I agree, Walk is the most popular song from Pantera. It was my best song and I like to play it so much with my band cover band. But, after 10 years of listening Pantera, I think most of Pantera song are amazing/great compositions. From COCK ROCK METAL like Shattered and Cowboys from Hell to heavy trash metal like Southern Trendkill or Revolution Is My Name, Pantera is SO FAR AWAY my friends the best heavy metal group ever, at least for me!!!

I know guys there is a lot a good band today espacialy in metal style of music. However, for me, there is no band who can do what Pantera have done... this FAT SOUND of DRUM FROM VINNIE, let me laught when im listening to Avenged Sevenfold with a TIGHT AND CHOKE SOUND DRUM. No doubt Rev is a awesome drummer but seriously, Vinnie Paul is the only metal drummer who know who to sound fat and groove the fucking house around. And, i'm not talking about unimaginable and awesome kick ass guitare lyc...

Like I said, a lot of new band exist right now and who can do more complex and virtual things. Just think about it, it's all about a great Song, you know music... not only showing agressivity or notes as fast as possible or stuff like that.

Brilliant. | Reviewer: Louise | 11/22/07

I wouldn't usually listen to pantera.
I'm more into death metal.
But this song is fucking legendary.
Fucking brilliant.
It makes me want to beat the fuck out of someone or something =)

pan-fricking-tera | Reviewer: scarydude | 10/14/07

I wish pantera was still alive (Vinnie Paul is the only one left last time i checked). Cuz then if they were they could come to Minneapolis and put on a kick ass show as they always did.

Walk is one of the most fricking awesome songs ever. Makes me want to punch something listening to it.

I've wrote a reworking of this song. | Reviewer: David Whitton | 7/18/07

I have written a reworking of this song called "Fuck", which is this song but different lyrics. It's about being picked on and telling the bully off and also wanting to fight the bully. The lyrics I believe are very Pantera-like so that about explains it.

best pantera song ever. | Reviewer: caroline. | 7/17/07

it really is the best pantera song ever.
i agree with ryan and fat cunt.
it makes me wanna beat the hell outta something and dance at the same time. idk why.
and i agree with $inDDee too. lol

Stomp On | Reviewer: $inDDee | 2/11/07

Great song for a girl to dedicate to a dude! heheh

walk | Reviewer: ryan | 2/9/07

ok this song is fucking awesome and it makes me wanna fucking deck someone this is the song you listen to if your gonna get in a fight and if anyone has heard the avenged sevenfold version tell others about it it too fucking rocks

This song owns. | Reviewer: fat cunt | 11/14/06

Basically all i can say is that after listening to this song it makes you want to go and STOMP on someone. Its crazy well prodiced well thought out lyrics and insturmental. My all time faviourite. If you are a real metal fan you should allready know this as you have the Album on you CD rack right?