Actually a Poison Idea song | Reviewer: Alex | 2/5/2008

Pantera is definitely a great band, and "Dimebag" Darell was a guitar god. However, this song is originally by Poison Idea, and Pantera covered it for the movie The Crow. Btw, the talk before and after the song (both in the Poison Idea and in the Pantera version) are from the (also great) movie Taxi Driver.

Ooh yeah | Reviewer: Erick | 1/14/2008

For all my other brothers from hell:
I love pantera and there will never be any other band like it. if you wanna hear the song go to my page at it's on my play list. But I love this song. RIP Dimebag Darrell

One of the greatest bands of all time | Reviewer: Beatriz quiroz | 3/8/2007

Pantera is one of the greatest bands of all time. Rest in peace Dimebag.

"The Badge" is an awesome song. check out the movie The Crow. It's on that movie.