Really? | Reviewer: azsparky67 | 5/15/13

You all should try to enjoy the song just for the SAKE OF THE SONG.
It's a great tune, written by Mr. Iommi and Mr. Butler, originally
for and played by Black Sabbath, sung by Mr. Osbourne, expertly beat by
Mr. Bill Ward.

Pantera's cover is actually an outstanding cover, keeps the aura of
the orignial in tact. Nothing wrong with this cover or the original, if you're preference is either, you're NOT WRONG. Just try enjoying the
music, you'll be happier.

douche - wtf ? | Reviewer: just me | 7/8/11

Since inaccurate opinions seem to bother you so much, check this out : the song wasn't written by that retarded prince of darkness you speak of ; it was written by Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler; the latter of the two stated that the song was about floating across the universe with your lover. Sounds pretty peaceful to me... do some homework before you run your yap and bag on other peoples opinions...

jess' review is lame! | Reviewer: douche | 4/12/11

That has to be the most uninformed review of a song I have ever read! If you haven't heard both versions of the song (which isn't about peace) maybe you should check out or or another site that allows you to type in a band as well as a song and experience an actual original. Don't get me wrong, I dig both versions but, you don't hear me touting about how this song makes me feel. Don't take it personal, I hate everyone's inacurate opinion of something that wasn't written to make you feel peaceful...especially one written by the prince of darkness.

planet caravan... | Reviewer: jess | 5/10/07

Planet Caravan is my favorite song. I actually haven't heard the Black Sabbath version, the first time I heard it was when I borrowed my friend's Pantera cd. I couldn't help listening to it over and over and over, it makes me feel really peaceful inside.

Planet Caravan - Originally done by Black Sabbath | Reviewer: Peter Walker | 8/10/04

This song is not a Pantera original, but a cover of the Black Sabbath tune by the same title. Although I love both versions, I prefer the Black Sabbath version because it is more eclectic.