i find this sing very emotional | Reviewer: juven | 7/27/14

my bestfriend jave told me about this music,hollow of pantera he want me to listen and understand what is this music is all about.for me this music is all about friendship,and misseng ounce friend.that's been together for so long time.and for unexpected moment things happen.my best friend and i now where miles away b-cuz of unexpected moment thypoon yulanda came,thank god where booth alive.one thing i could say a human being is never gonna die but just only fade away...person will always be rememberd even if he/she is not existed of this planet anymore,,the memories will remain forever,,"Pantera never die but just only fade away"

correcting these losers | Reviewer: Micheal cline | 7/25/14

This song is not about 'a' friend but a couple of friends Phil had. There is an interview he did in London. You can U-tube it. Kinda funny you criticized others but you don't even know...Pantera: Headbangers Ball Interview with Phil Ans: http:// youtu.be/N5dRSR9gZZo

Long LifE Pantera | Reviewer: Nikhil | 7/12/13

I love each and every riff of pantera with the combination of phil and dime , rex and vinnie ...though d band dsnt lasts now... Still cnt nvr frgt it

what the songs about | Reviewer: Pantera fan | 11/23/12

Just so you guys know. This song is about a friend of Phil's. He left one of their shows drunk and wrecked his car, putting him in a coma. I see a lot of stupid shit on the internet, where people try to relate this song dimbag's death. It has nothing to do with his death as he was still alive when it was wriiten, and there was other albums after this. I think most Pantera fans would know this, but apparently not according to all the stupid shit I read about this song.

pantera | Reviewer: brett | 11/3/12

Besides all the issues between Dime and Phil, Pantera is one of the best heavy metal bands in the past 2 decades combining rock ballads with heavy metal and melodic vocals with heavy guitar riffs. Undoutfully making the band awesome musicians. Rest in peace Dimebag Darrell, and thank u for your music!

the truth is>>>> | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/12

I met Dimebag at their last performance as Pantera at Pepsi coliseum...I wanted to say wassup to Phil, dimebag told me to not bother him cause he is a asshole and that he was off into that skinhead shit and that the rest of the band was not... That was the real story about why they broke up..Phil was a dick

Wish he was here | Reviewer: chris | 9/20/10

Even after everything that band went through its always the good who dies early on in life. Its really sad what Dimebag's parents did to Phil, he didn't deserve that after watching his best friend die. I hope there is a heaven. If it existed then Dimebag will be there, hopefully I could meet him.

Dime and Phil | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/10

Yea i saw it the video. He was high as hell on dope. Looked like to me that he was saying how it was 'someone else's fault' but he was feeling a lot of guilt. But its the media's fault right? He isnt responsible for what he spouts out about people needing a beating.

I am a fan of phil's singing, but the dude left his family to go deeper under the sheets of his own private bed of shit he made for himself.

Is it surprising that they don't want anything to do with him? Not really. It's not that they wish him ill I'm sure. They just dont care after years of neglect. I wouldnt either, you can only give for so long without gettin anything back.

Dime and Phil | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/10

I love Pantera, all the members, Phil, Dimebag, Vinnie and Rex, I think it was shitty for what Dime's family did to Phil, did anyone see the video of Phil pouring his heart out after Dime was killed

AWESOME | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/09

I believe this song is about a friend of Phil Anselmos, who had went into some sort of coma, or had his brain damaged from drug use, to the extent that the person himself was no longer there, just his living body. I also dont think this fits Dime and Phils relationship AT ALL.

One of my favourite Pantera songs EVER, i really love the carm, quiet intro and the really metal ending part.

God Bless Pantera!

hollow | Reviewer: pouya rahimi | 3/23/09

i think dimebag was a thrustful guitar player as we have seen.i was interested in him and my favor
hobbies was listening to his miracle guitar beating,i live in iran and i have a dimebag guitar now and i want to be a man just like diamond darell.oh,i have compeletly forgot to confirm some about phil,it's honour about his proudness and fitness.

God Bless Dime | Reviewer: John | 11/16/08

I think this song fits Dime and Phil's relationship perfectly.It's a shame Phil said some things he shouldn't have when he was upset.It was sort of low for Dime's parents not ta let him attend the funeral.But what is done is done.God bless Dime's family,Dime's soul and may he be happy on the other side.,John,Salem,WV

sad | Reviewer: moose | 1/23/08

phil and dime were so close man... and it sickens me tohear that dimes parents thoguht phil had something to do with his death... thats why he wasnt able to go to his funeral.... that killed phil...


King | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/07

Beautiful song,one of Dimes best,and Phil wrote this song with passion and emotion,like all the best do.

Too bad Pantera no longer exsists.

Proud to be loud!

night | Reviewer: Derek Bird | 3/19/07

we talked for hours last night