RIP Dime | Reviewer: Brandin | 11/19/12

Probably my favorite solo ever, sends chills down my spine hearing it and thinking about Dime being gone at the hands of a lunatic.. May he rot in hell for eternity. And to Dime... ROCK IN PEACE!! To the people who love the end, I agree!! And to think it almost got cut from the finished product... Thank God it didn't!

\m/ | Reviewer: not a metal head | 5/31/12

RIP DIMEBAG...not a major metal fan but pantera is one hell of a band...a very special band...sad he got shot by some psycho motha fucka...dis song is so different n amazin from d other metal songs...d ending js blows my mind away!!!
I would definitely put dimebag among d top 3 best guitarists in d world along wid hendrix n eddie!!\m/

Only Dimebag | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/12

It kills me to hear this song when I play along to it, because I feel bad for trying to even come close to matching Dimebag. He's the only mother fucka that could do this, and Nathan Gale can get raped by Hitler in hell for what he did.

f 4 fuckin awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/12

man this song puts me on chills everytime i listen to it.
guess dime iZ playin out there for the gods rite nw.
both the solos by dime are amazing. wish i could hear him again.

!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/10

Consider the point in time when this song was written, and what was going on with the band. Consider Phil and the problem he had.

This song is meant to empower us, the general populous, as much as it was meant to empower him and the band to get him through his heroin addiction.

Read the lyrics as a note written to Phil, or even by Phil written to his band mates and himself.

The true musical genius in this is the way the tones and sounds are symbolic to the emotions felt by the band during their harder times. To put everything together that way is something we may not see another band do for a long time.

These guys were truly one of a kind, and it's saddening that Nathan Gale had to be the way he was. I seriously think they should have shot him in both knees and kept him alive so he could be tortured by other inmates for the rest of his life in prison...Dying was the easy way out for that asshole.

It's easy to see why we haven't seen anyone as amazing as these guys were, they may have a fear of being shot on stage by someone they don't even know...

Here's to you Dime, and for the years you have and will continue to influence the industry through life and death and all of your hard work.

Get your pull people. Get your pull...

dimebag \m/ | Reviewer: abbqryy | 12/8/09

o my god!! When i first heard diz when d solo!! It blows my mind.. I listen to cowboys,rattle n that Shit diz is amazing!!solo is probably d best \m/
Dimebag is fuckin underrated in his time..wish he was here wit us to give his solos.

R.I.P Dimebag

goddam electric | Reviewer: <prolucifer> | 11/15/09

This is one of the greatest motherfucking metal songs I've ever heard. Feel like a real man whenever I listen to Pantera. They're one of a fucking kind. Love all their albums. Dimebag...wish you could come back bro. Thanks for the memories. R.I.P.

\m/ | Reviewer: Fury | 7/20/09

This has to be one of the best songs to chill to, first heard it when I took one of my horses on the near-by mountain trail, funny thing is, it was actually raining. R.I.P Dime Bag, Pantera forever.

whoa | Reviewer: Mar | 1/26/09

Having listened to Pantera all my life, this song completely blew my mind, as all of the others do. But the ending was so intense, so amazing. I'll always be a fan of Pantera. Hold those glasses high, to the red bearded man in the sky. rip dimebag <3

BADASS | Reviewer: Donald | 11/17/08

Ok, Floods is probally my favorite pantera song,
it's not as heavy as the others but it is just so
inspiring.Both solos are so kick ass and the whole song is just worth listening too over and over.

RIP-"Dimebag" Darrell Abbott

Solo | Reviewer: Draconian | 10/15/08

Pantera itself is awesome, and this song is really no different, and while I'm a fan of heavier things like from Suicide Note PtII, I can't help but find the ending solo in this song beyond amazing. Combined with the background storm sound brings it near to if not indeed perfection as far as lighter sounds go.

floods | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/08

for christmas i made my friend learn the solo. then i recorded it with my phone so now its my ringtone. that way even when my girlfriend calls bitching to me about something i dont give a shit

Perfect song for rainy day.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/07

This is fucking fantastic ... that solo at the end of fucking song is one of the best things i have heard in my life .DIME FOREVER

definately rules! | Reviewer: Rebel_Extravaganza | 8/8/07

this song is beyond awesome. a long time ago, when I first heard it , I remember I listened to it daily ..same song on and on and on. the lyrics are really expressive..are about the human beings that are cold hearted.and the guitar solo from the end is just so touching that blows me away

<3 | Reviewer: Johan | 4/23/07

The solo in this song kicks ass!
Love the whole song, but the solo is probably the best thing i've ever heard... !