Morons... | Reviewer: HernĂ¡n | 2/27/14

STORY BEHIND THE SONG (from Vinnie Paul): There was a guy in the front row in San Diego who was heckling Phil Anselmo (vocalist). Phil finally had enough, so he incited the crowd to jump this guy's ass and beat the shit out of him on the spot, so he sued us. And when his dad called our manager, his exact quote was, "You just give me five minutes alone with that Phil Anselmo guy and I'll show him who's big daddy around here." Phil's response was, "You just give me five minutes with that cat's dad and I'll whoop his ass." That's where that song came from.

5minutes | Reviewer: Thomas | 4/23/13

Actually - it was 5 minutes of death before revival after drug (heroin) abuse and, unfortunatly, overdose. I was in early nighteen a big fan and heard Philip Himself said that.... now, if HE was lying to media-that would suck BIGTIME

brianna | Reviewer: james | 12/19/09

this song is actually about kicking somebody's ass by being left alone 5 minutes with them. It's based off a legal law suit involving the lead singer Phil Anselmo and the father of the victim at a concert who the lead singer told the crowd to beat because he was mocking the band. When the media interviewed the father he said something along the lines of "If I just had 5 minutes alone with that Anselmo guy I'd kick his ass." And Pantera used the quote for the name and main chorus of the song..but i do agree with everything you said-people for some reason try to be a part of the relationship and fuck with it-and that's an interesting interpretation of the lyrics.

wish i did | Reviewer: brianna gonzales | 5/7/09

i've havnt heard this song but i read the lyris to see my boyfriend dedicated this song to me and i think its really true..we can never be alone, theres always someone there it sometimes makes us mad cuz all we want to do is be alone..