one of my most fav songs ever | Reviewer: ollie | 11/11/11

absolutely amazing song! i was 12 when i first heard this song when my guitar teacher gave me the Tab to learn. every time i hear it i understand the lyrics, the emotion, the sorrow and the kickass guitar solo, more and more. Pantera is da bomb.

Perfection | Reviewer: Brett | 5/25/11

This song is Pantera, particularly Phil and Dimebag at their finest. People often overlook Phil when thinking of greatest vocalists, but this entire song completely slaps any doubting Thomas in the face. The ending with Dime and Phild trading off is absolutely beautiful. I feel like it was a bit of a vocal tribute to Rob Halford. Anyway, the lyrics are perfectly written. I would assume that this deals with a family member or boyfriend mourning the loss of a female family member/girlfriend respectively. The writer seems to be contemplating suicide in order to rejoin the loved one in the afterlife. There also seems to be some strong resentment regarding the impact of the death, so it was more than likely untimely or accidental. Whatever the lyrics mean, they are beautifully written. PerfectIon

Essential | Reviewer: tomdan | 11/29/08

This song is may be one of the greatest of music's history. Why there's so unjustice in this world, why Dimebag's gone because of that retarded bastard.

Just I hope wherever you're now Dimebag brother, I really hope you have a guitar. And a couple of beers.

It Has KICKASS written all over it! | Reviewer: Damien hall | 11/14/07

My review on this song is simple...Masterpeice! dimebags solos are made to the extreme, and phils voice shows the pain he endured to write this song. it shows the love for the music and Pantera is still the Greatest Metal band Ever!

One of the greatest metal tracks ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/07

Even as someone who is not totally into Pantera, this song just screams "awesome" everyone has already pointed out the details so i won't repeat that. But i will add that, even though a song has all the parts performed perfectly, it may still fall flat if it lacks emotion. This one has a ton of it, and you cant get enough of a song like this, pure brilliance.

Amazing | Reviewer: Diba | 4/5/07

What a song! No flaws at all in any places. Dime's guitar work and riffs are at thier best here, and Phil's emotional singing can indeed make any man cry. The lyrics themselves are amazing, very movig and emotional. Vinnie and rex are perfect as usual, so its all good. Pantera is the best metal ever, and this song is proof of it.

pantera at their finest | Reviewer: Brandon | 9/8/06

this is clearly a display of pantera at their finest. lyrics, vocal style, riffs and solos, everything is simply flawless. the pain and emotion in phil's voice can bring the hardest man to tears.

One of there best songs | Reviewer: Callum Vincent | 8/14/06

Absolutely awesom, combines soft and rock together. Great singing and the guitar is brilliant, infact everythings great. I find no flaw in this song. If your into rock music then this is a must listen to song. A********