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amazing!!! | Reviewer: john | 7/30/06

p!atd is one of the best bands of the millenium. i've listened to camisado, the only difference, and nails 4 breakfeast over 75 times. fantastic

OMG | Reviewer: Casey | 7/26/06

OMFG P at the D is the best fuken band in the history o fman kind i really wanted to see them in concert but there tickets sold out in half hour dats how good they r OMFG i luv them n there so fuken hot

Panic! At The Disco- Everyones Favourite Boyband | Reviewer: AJ | 7/22/06

People who know anything about P!ATD are thinking the same thing right now- "Thank God for Pete Wentz." They are really a boyband, but unlike their fellow male icons they don't have much in common: They're catchy not crappy, melodic not idiotic and clever not clueless. With Uries wide vocal range and outstanding musical talents - as for the rest of the band - playing on your iPod, it's impossible not to tap your toes or snap your fingers. They portray stories in their music that are funny and odd, but can just as easily happen. I'm not like any other reviewer on here thats gonna say "Brandon you are HOTT!", because looks aren't the ultimate goal in music that they have achieved. It's that they made you think about whats going on in the world and laugh whilst doing it. Such multi-taskers they are, they even gave you a great voice and musical talents to listen to while you're doing it.

Loveeee PANIC <3333 | Reviewer: alessia | 7/15/06

PANIC! at the disco:) <3333 I loveee you guyss soo muchh!!! you rock! your the greatest band alive:)! I love all your songs. I wish i could have made it to the concert here in montreal I wasnt allowed to. PLEASE COME BACK SOON!!!! I'm dieing to here you guys live.. it must be a sick concert!! Good luck. your gonna be awesome!!

sooo much lovee

hey guys! | Reviewer: Brooke | 7/15/06

wow u guys rock so much! ur totally awesome and completely amazing! brendan u are sexy as hell, and as 4 the rest of u guys, u rock harder than anyone on earth! keep up the great work and i hope 2 c u guys in concert soon!

The one and only Mrs. Urie | Reviewer: Brittany | 7/6/06

I LOVE YOU BRENDON!!!!!!!! I hope during the school year they have another concert. Because I wanted to go to the concert during summer but didn't ask my parents, so I regret it. But anywayz I love ther songs especially "Lying is the most", and the "only diff.". I like "I write sins., and But's better if you do" too. So keep it rockin Panic! At the disco and Brendon keep gving us that sexy smile and showing those big juicy lips!!!!!

The 1 and only Mrs.Urie | Reviewer: Brittany | 7/6/06

OMG!!!!!! I just luv brendon so much and I just recently heard that song "LYing is the most...." you know and I love it. I haven't bought the cd cuz been broke, But when i get it I'm goint to MAKE myself learn all them songs. I already know the words for "I write sins not tragedies, But it's better if you do, only difference, and Lying is the most fun.." and I have plenty more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHIT!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anz Cooper | 7/5/06


LOADSOFLUV ANZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMFG!! | Reviewer: Amber | 6/28/06

I love PANIC! at the disco..especialy Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, Build God, then we'll talk, I write sins not tragedies And the only diff..All good songs..such a sexy voice too!!


HOT! | Reviewer: P!ATD rules | 6/23/06

Omg, Lead singer! hot!! and the song 'lying is the.....' yeah u know wot i mean, fuckin hell he has the sexiest voice in that!!

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