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Performed by Panic! At The Disco

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Plain and Simple | Reviewer: MW | 5/16/13

Lets be plain here this is about Sarah and him getting married and having a new period in his life (with her) "they'll never win" is referring to the people who hare Sarah and his relationship. Overall you people are thinking this through too much and you should learn to take things simply.

Clearing up | Reviewer: Leia | 8/2/11

This song is about sex and love and probably about Ryan. Brendon once said "It's about a dude, naked" and the first time he sang this song live he said right after 'can we fast-forward til you go down on me?' 'that means a blowjob'.
And the 'other plans fell through and put a heavy load on you' could be about the young veins and that Ryan wanted to do something different but Brendon didn't and that's when they decided that they should go separate ways. 'take a look around instead and watch me go' is like 'look for a new band and watch me and spencer do our shit without you'.
'i feel the salty waves come in, i feel them crash against my skin, i smile as i respire because i know they'll never win' there's a lot of summer and sea references in the supposed ryden songs, and this is because they had their strongest love-period in the summer. This is just another one, that the waves are ghe society or the haters, but Brendon knows that he and ryan won get afflected about it. Or something.
That's my thought. Or a part of it. Critics are welcomed askbox on tumblr!

New Perspective | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/11

It's deeper than it seems. The story is tat there's a guy that wants to live better but society just won't let him. It's not pop, it's alternative for those of you who have misinterpreted the genre. So yeah, the dude just wants to live it right but...with all the sluty cheerleaders and the retarded jocks who can?
Luv, The Eleven Year Old Theorist

Just saying | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/11

This is Pop- which in my opinion is awesome. AFYCSO was neat in that it was a good medium between Pop and Alternative and very experimental, whereas Pretty. Odd. went a new direction completely. In my opinion, Pretty. Odd. ended up being a Beatles facsimile and wasn't as "deep" as so many fans made it out to be- far too heavily influenced by folk for my tastes. I think too much of the target audience for P!atD disassociates with the Pop sound as a cop out against "the mainstream."

Alright... | Reviewer: Narumi | 8/29/10

P!ATD really hit something with P.O. AFYCSO was nice and everything, and was absolutely brilliant for a couple of teenagers and for their first album, but P.O.'s music was undoubtedly more sophisticated and I really was proud that they could come that far.

Well, I guess it was just Ryan, or Jon, or both that had musically matured, because this shoves right back into sounding like they were mimicking Fall Out Boy or something. It's not bad, but it's not the amazing music that I had come to expect from them. I doubt I'll purchase their new album ever in any way, though I can promise that The Young Veins' Take A Vacation! is on my Zune right now.

Hey | Reviewer: Anastasia B. | 4/16/10

This song is deeper than people give credit for so I thought i do it myself. From wat I have seen the lyrics are all correct and I must give you props on your accuracy. Thank you for taking the time to type out the lyrics.

Pretty panic. Not odd. | Reviewer: Hayden | 9/22/09

First of all i like this song. A lot.

But that's not to say its a great song. I think ryans distinctive, smooth melodic voice makes the song better than it otherwise would be. Its like nine in the afternoon with a lil more edge, a lot more guitar and the piano scrapped. There's also some added panic! at the disco quirk with the song winding down abruptly to silence.

Pretty.odd took them into a whole new direction. It was fresh, unexpected, and daring for a band with a heavy "emo" following. I think they pulled it off and while a fair few original fans might have been traumatised by it and jumped ship, a lot of new one's jumped on board. Its probably too early to say what style the third album will take on but i think its fair to say it will be more pretty than odd.

So with the new single, the lyrics are still panic! The voice is still panic! Im in no panic to write them off. New perspective is a great return for the duo and it will be the third panic! At the disco album i own.

Sorry for the long review!

great between song 4 AFYCSO and Pretty.Odd. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/09

its like a missing bridge or link 4 the two earlier albums. i relly miss ryan and jon’s input in the music but I feel that a split was needed cus relly, just comparing the two albums, they’re totally different but some more beatles-esque songs were weaved in by ryan and brendon’s style is more pop-rock, if you will, while ryan’s is more, beatles/kinks/ray davies rock. I could totally tell that they’re last album together was bit of a strain. But still, I’m watching the young veins too cus ryan and jon r just as talented as brendon and spencer, even if they aren’t all together. Wow. this is a long review. Anyway, one of my favorite songs, hands down.

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