Emo? I think not! :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/11

Isn't the 'Emo' genre 'supposed' to be all confessional? idgaf, I love this song, and P!ATD, and if you can't appreciate the different opinions, and likes of others, just shut up. Everyone's different :)

songs review | Reviewer: sierra | 5/18/11

love p!atd don't see why you have to be emo to like this song. I love this song. I am SO far from emo. People have an intresting chocie of music..they go with the mood, but i totally love this song.

grow up.. | Reviewer: dylan | 11/16/10

ok we get the point u all have ur own views on this song but really to bash each other its time for you guys to just get over it and move on they were high and maybe even alittle or a hole lot drunk so who cares..??

About our song... | Reviewer: Panic! At The Disco | 5/10/10

Look guys, we were super high when we wrote this song and don't really remember why we wrote it in the first place. Don't dig too deep into music, it's just music afterall. Thanks for being true loyal fans and we love you all.

awesome song! | Reviewer: Bluedragon | 4/18/10

I TOTALLY love this song! I first heard it when I was in fourth grade, and now I'm in eighth and I recently heard it on the radio and though, "omfg! I remember this song!" I'm in love with this once again! :D
Also, why are we all talking about if we're emo or not? I think we've already established that we're not emo yet we can listen to emo if we want. *shrugs*

:] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/10

I think this is a great song. To me, it sounds different (and alot of their stuff does) to most bands nowadays. I'm not emo, but I enjoy a wide range of music. I wouldn't put this into the emo catergory either, I'd say alternative rock myself.

Awesome! | Reviewer: Dreamer | 1/18/10

I really like this song, its just so upbeat and addicting. I just recently started listening to Panic! At The Disco and so far I'm in love with their music. Inculding Nine in the Afternoon. Great song! =] And I also have to agree that this is a review box FOR THE SONG. Not to talk shit about other people.
Anyway, awesome song!

OhDear.... | Reviewer: ChloeFTW! | 1/5/10

Look not being funny or anything but this comment box i think is too comment about the song itself not to attack other people with abusive messages.... Okay you might not like what the dude had to say,... so what its life and its full of different people with different opinions.. even if the opinion someone has is a bit nasty i dont think theres much reason too have a go repetedly im sure the kid can now see he's dont wrong by the amount of people that have had a go. Leave it out its just annoying basicly.
THIS SONG IS EMENSE! Panic!AtTheDisco are love x

What Wiki. Said | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/09

I guess this is not called "Emo" music, but a mix of alternative rock and Indie-rock. Thats what Wikipedia told me :-D
I really love this song like all songs of Panic at I think its really sad that they are only 2 now:-(
I like this kabaratistic(Its a german word, maybe theres no translation for it) style of them
And for all who are saying Im in love with x or y.
Get a life. I Guess the PatD members have one too. Do you really believe you "love" them? You dont know anyone of them.I mean in real life, not what is said and written about them

Why fight? Just enjoy the song. | Reviewer: Lisa | 9/26/09

Why do you have to be in a certain social group to enjoy this song? I'm VERY, VERY far from emo, but I really like this song. Why can't we just enjoy the song and the fact that the lyrics are right here and ignore the fact that we can sometimes be ignorant? Just enjoy the song.