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The Reviews about I Write Sins Not Tragedies (page 6/ 12)
------ performed by Panic! At The Disco

II write sins not trageties | Reviewer: Josh Gorgone | 7/10/07

this is the best song i ever head it is even better than my favorite band System of a down.lmao!!!!! i think that my best friend charles barns hears this message or even my buddy Jake Hanly. panic at the disco is an awsome band. But i also like um..... rob zombie and some others but i forget. whoever reads this message try to find me on runescape my username is scopion 68 and theres a space between the scopion and the 68 k by and ty for reading this message.

i like this song! | Reviewer: kassie | 7/3/07

OMG!!!!! This is MOST definatley my 2nd favorite band!!!!! They are right after Fall Out Boy!!!!!!!! This is the best song they have made ever, and if you like them, you'll LOVE Fall Out Boy!!!!!! If u don't already!!!! One thing i have to ask is; HOW COME GIRLS(and some guys)ARE IN LOVE WITH RYAN??????? YOU SHOULD BE IN LOVE WITH REAL GUYS!!!!!!! LIKE PETE WENTZ!!!!!! NOW HE IS A REAL MAN AND EXTREMELY HOT AT THAT!!!!!! BUT DON'T GO OFF AND TAKE MY MAN!!!!!!!! GO FIND SOMEONE OF YOUR OWN!!!!!!!!!!!! OH, AND, GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye!!

awesomely fantastic | Reviewer: Rachael | 7/3/07

calm down madelyn
leave them be with their one song fs
if you've only heard this i reccomend buying the album =]

awesome/of course | Reviewer: Annabel | 6/30/07

i write sins not tragedies lyrics are awesome, i mean they make sence and everything not like some songs, and its a goddamn awesome song, the whole album rox, shove it if you don't like it, cause it rox the house down, i mean man get with it

Panic Rocks | Reviewer: Emmie | 6/20/07

I luv luv luv luv this song it's so meaningful when your depressed

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the fart who smelled | Reviewer: | 6/6/07

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boo | Reviewer: very sad metalhead | 6/4/07

this song sucks! it's so annoying! have you people realized? there is no change at ALL through the WHOLE SONG.

B154p3 | Reviewer: K3po2Q | 6/3/07

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