just a few words | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/08

im no emo and i love this song..in fact if i had to label myself id say i look quite posh and brithish...FAR away from being emo. And i love this kind of music...can't you see that this whole "emo" thing is bullshit...sby invented it to make money out of it..it's a massive global fashion and it quite sucks sorry
it's not worth hating them...they are just puppets...all over the world...so just worry about your kids and teach them good. that's it
forget my english im argentinian

P!ATD IS THE BEST!!!!! | Reviewer: BloodyMary | 8/24/08

Please man i only can say that panic at the disco rocks...whoever says that panic at the disco is wierd means that they have no common sense or its just that they are not emo

when im emo myself xD

Hey Helterskelter.. | Reviewer: Axel | 8/6/08

This is for reveiws and that purpose only.Don't come to this page and start shit.
I do agree that those bands are amazingly good,but don't come here just to rant about other bands and diss on stereotypes.

fuck you. panic! at the disco rocks. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/08

contraceptivity is enigmatic in itself. people are gifted with the awe-inspiring ability to decide their lifestyle direction in and of themselves and take action based on aforementioned decision. that means that people like what they want to like and theres nothing you can do about it. so fuck off.
and yes i happen to be very emo and also like a variety of music.

and stop calling it bluetooth, its real name is the Queer ear.

<333 | Reviewer: stephanie | 3/27/08

oh em gee i love panic! at the disco :) they are amaxing this is my all time faviorite song EVER Other than boys like girls <333 hehehehehe sorry but you guys are both HOT i love all you guy's songs ;) lol well lots of love and good luck to evrything you do :D

As cryptic as... | Reviewer: Helterskelter | 3/20/08

Cryptic me hole. When you compare this ...."music" to bands like Massive Attack, Early R.E.M. or post-Kid A Radiohead, it's like comparing a kitten that's just shat itself to a tiger. Srsly, Massive Attack>>>>>>Panic. And another thing, why are mall-emos so concerned with "bands" they may like becoming big and successful (the above example is one of god's sick sense of humour)? The bands i have just listed are quite successful. Maybe it's a siege mentality thing done by youse to distance yourself from the latest mallpunkcore (whatever) Shit on offer? Fucking Americans.

rock on! | Reviewer: xx.Krystal.xx | 3/17/08

Ok. Firstly I <3 P!ATD!! All their songs are RAD, they have such good lyrics that aren't blatantly obvious, but not completely cryptic.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

And secondly, why do I get called "emo" or "goth-girl" just cuz I like Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park, Bullet for my Valentine and Three Days Grace? I plainly just have good taste in music! =)

Please don't label the rad people that support kool bands! I don't know much about Emo, Goth and Punk, but that's cuz I'm not one. So maybe don't label people cuz of their taste in music. I'm also a massive fan of Hello Kitty, Lipgloss, and Jewelry. not very Goth.


i write sins not tragedies | Reviewer: abigal | 3/17/08

Well in the music video its so cool! there are clowns and there sad in the almost end and at the end there all happy and doing that thing with the fire and every thing its amazing!!!! i love it all and when they all of sudden all the clowns pop out out of nowhere. the best part was when the guy gave him a dirty look at the guy that was getting married!

Histironics | Reviewer: Helterskelter | 3/12/08

There's a difference between music with emotion (which, let's face it, is all music) and histironics (like this). Someone mentioned the fact that this song was original because it used a lot of instruments. I'm sorry, using a cartload of instruments does not an original song make. I have heard this song, and there is nothing particulary original about any of the instrumentation and guitar work or lyrical work. It's exactly like prog rock, with less solos and more self-pity. Also, to the person who said that people should stop judging each other and who called people who do stupid, you must have all the mental agility of a mule. "don't judge me, you filthy chav". Fucking Typ-i-cal. Get some Massive Attack into ya.

P!ATD | Reviewer: anonymous | 1/12/08

Okay I love this song and I am tottally emo for all you stereotypes out there!-.-((Im wathing you stereotypes))And one thing i would like to clear up is these people got the lyrics wrong! It's, "Id chime in with a haven't you people ever......etc."
not "I'd come in with a ........etc."

Anyone who believed them is a retard!