what the heck?! | Reviewer: shyann | 11/2/07

ok, my review first...........THIS SONG FRICKIN ROXS! ok, now that that's over with..........

what is with you people? cussin right & left.....you'd think you could think of a better word.

hey, but that's what you get when you skip out on every class you've ever had...........:)

I ike this song | Reviewer: Open Minded.=] | 10/30/07

Well...Im no emo but i really ike this song. So there you go ikee.=] People rekn just cuz it sounds different to pop o hip-hop they call it emo music! Maybe if people are more open minded they will find that they actully ike the music! Get a life ike anyone can listen to wat eva they want to listen to. Ritee?..Good.

emo's are F*ags | Reviewer: george miller | 10/23/07

fu*c*k you Dumb Emo get a life or go slit your wrists with razor's
g2g Fu*ck you all bye

awesome song :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/07

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! oh yeah, WHOS MADELYN? everyone here keeps posting about Madelyn....who is she?

go panic!!!! | Reviewer: criloz | 10/8/07

i found another band to listen to!!!!
panic really did a good job... i love this song it really makes me sing!!!!!
they are my second fav band. but no one beats FALL OUT BOY!!!!

EMO is better than being a COMMONER!!!!!

panic!!!! | Reviewer: lizzzz | 9/3/07

omg! i luv panic!, but i really dont lyke this song cuz it is all mainstream so are they now but o well i still lyke it!!! i loved them since sept. of 05 wen i bought their cd!!!

One of the BEST songs by P!ATD | Reviewer: Hakuryu | 9/1/07

This song is addictive as hell! I couldn't stop listening to it when I first heard it. But, of course, this band isn't the best band. ;D I think Malice Mizer could beat them any day!

In addition, stop posting vulgar sites in a review. It's just not right. That's what MYSPACE is for.

close the goddam door | Reviewer: daniel | 8/4/07

i luv this song.
maddie is the hottest girl in the world so everyone elce get fuc#ed

emos rule im emo

I got something to tell you | Reviewer: People Can Be So Annoying | 8/2/07

Christ sakes people this is a review for I write sins not tradgedies. Not a place to say You love poo or to put up links to dirty sites, not a place to recruit friends if you wanna do that they have MYSPaCE!

For girls/guys out there who say they're in "love" with the band members get a life. They all probably have significant others. Jeeze.

Now my review. I love this song because, I don't know I just love it. I love P!ATD because their songs have a true meaning and story behind every one of them.

0000000000000dude | Reviewer: liza m'nelly 22 | 7/11/07

this song reminds me of my ex. it soooooo sounds like these boys have had too many date-rapes. like whatever his name is, was playing with his penis. the others were f***ing fat chics