Reviews for the album A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

Performed by Panic! At The Disco

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best cd | Reviewer: Lauren | 1/7/10

I love this cd. Its the only cd that i have ever liked all the songs. And usally after hearing a song eighty times it gets old but not these songs. This cd is diffenely better then the second although it was good it was amazing like this one and hopefully there next will be like the first. I luv this band!!

Panic! Are Ear Sex lol | Reviewer: GothicKairi | 7/12/08

Panic at the disco are pure ear sex lol. Perfect band! Eye Candy, Ear Candy, all round good! Their Burlesque themed albums and videos are amazing, their songs are epic, and storytelling, easy listening, yet lively and I loved every minute of every song on this CD, and very seldom in bands this happens, and this is coming from an uber goth girl lol. They were fantabulous =D loved them for years.... since they came out and love their new work too! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx keep going strong!much love for you guys ;)

best band in the world | Reviewer: linne | 6/27/08

panic at the disco is the best band ever, they are so unique, thtas what first drew me to them. they are all talented, and gorgeous!! I LOVE BRENDON URIE. He's amazing!! Anyway, i love panic.Even tho I like there 2nd cd better, i will never stop listening to them.

PS, it's But It's Better If You Do not But Its Better when you do

They have more to offer then pretty faces | Reviewer: imbeinghonest | 10/7/06

these boys are very talented and at a young age, the lyrics are catchy and the songs are up-beat. bands try to make an epic album throughout their careers and these boys got it on the first try. although some lines in a few songs are a little cheesy, they have shown what they can offer to the music scene. these boys are talented and should be seen for there talent and not their looks.

P!ATD is the bestest band ever!!!!! | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 9/28/06

This is like the best CD ever! I Love Panic! At The Disco sooooo much. I'm also going to go see them in concert!!! I love ever single song on the CD. The CD to me is P-E-R-F-E-C-T. Keep up the terrific work

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