Illuminat tripping | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/13

Im beginning to doubt these twins eish...the video eish the eyes sparking like fire and the body wil be like melting and the way they move ther hands also their dancing suits with wings sort of oow Lord hev mercy!!!

for real? | Reviewer: King | 3/14/13

You people disgust me!!
Their mom dies, you say they kill their mother? You insensitive pricks!!

They talk about gettin' drunk n havin' sex, so you say its carnal? Lol! First off, the song aint gospel! What do you expect?! Secondly, this particular song's got cleaner lyrics than "do me" or "temptation" or "busy body" so back off

and about the "she" "wing-o" + the dancing. If your theory about every song that is refering to a "she" is satanic, then, whew, there's barely any song, including the gospel ones, that isn't demonic.
The "wing-o" part...wings have been used since forever to mean territory, advantage, freedom and lots more.

The dancing. Its pretty much refined azonto (azonto on steroids) + old school hip hop steps.

Help yourselves out n learn to enjoy your beans without ruinin' it for yourselves by callin' it poop, 'cos you're gonna eat it anyways.

Build yourselves a life

Lovely song | Reviewer: Genesis006 | 3/4/13

I real lv d song becoz weneva i fil unhapi,i wil play d alingo nd watch d video nd i wil be hapi nd entertain my self. Infact u re got me wit d song,i real lv it, weneva am tinkin of my baby{cuz tonighty}i always remember it.U guyz re 2 much pls kip it up

alingo | Reviewer: Joseph Kolala Nkatia | 3/3/13

its ahit now its about de story of killing their mother iget it from top of story but ilike their music just the matter of killing yo mother ithink too much madness both of them

illuminati signs | Reviewer: rex gavin | 2/16/13

dat songs is clearly evil, chek out d way dey move dia handz, dat part is also shown in one of chris browns song. So dat .....muvin ur wingo.... D way dey move dia handz is an illuminati sign

demonic song | Reviewer: sajo | 2/15/13

who is de she de ar takin abut nd hu got wings again,it cnt be an angel cuz angels dnt dance worldly dance,dn hu...d devil,omoo chek out d video wher he lift his hnds up nd dwn dat a signe signifyin baphamnt

wat a dancing step | Reviewer: jennyshakira | 2/4/13

Wen i first hear dis alingo,d intro alone throw me up my feet.Den i start hoping to see wat dis alingo dance will ,wow d dancing step was a bumb blast,men u guys got it all.may God strenghten u guys d more.

Purely illuminati | Reviewer: Emmy B | 2/8/13

Psquare the fools killed their mother and now they r singing for lucifer sayin *the way dat u moving ur wingo* if its not lucifer then why the *wing* or does girls have wing nowadays.

Demons, devils | Reviewer: Paul | 2/10/13

Dis song is purely from hell. God! Have u seen d video check it out and read d lyrics again dis time take d devil as 'she' in d lyrics n does a normal girl has 'wings'. Com on admit it

Alingo made me bark like bingo | Reviewer: Kingz james | 2/3/13

It is nt even dat song motivety me rather it makes me feel like say dey maa(p-square)d africa best bt alingo b d song of pple wey don go,see,saw,conquar no take play dey ar tested & trusted artist i throw e cap 4 una na we dey d gain believe do ur thing call on phone.after alngo na diago d jongle d bangle

Amazed Lady | Reviewer: Fabiola | 1/29/13

wow wow wow, didn't expect something this great early in the year, wow your song is just the one for me at the moment. You guys rock and keep me on the dance floor and the moves in the music vedio damn i've got no words for them.... Keep it up

Gud song and hits | Reviewer: Queen maxwell | 1/25/13

When i heard de song 1st i was like running mad. P-square dis truly is de hit of 2013. She making you bark like a bingo wow dats great. You people are the super duper star of de year 2013 keep it up

P-Square u really impress me. | Reviewer: Anies Prudent | 1/16/13

P-Square I was even asking if u will nt release song of d year, bt nw I eared Alingo and I ask whose song is dat dey said is u guyz P-Square am so happy to ear dat, u guyz really impress me alot, tanx 4 dat, Pray God Almighty shuld grant u guyz wisdom and knowledge to do more n more dan dat.

Alingo | Reviewer: DeejFire Moshoaliba | 1/15/13

Wow wat a massive track it takes pure talent 2write a song lyk dat even d beat m breathless rada dan speechless, i take of my hat 4u guys (P Square). Everytym i play dz song d crowd goes nuts #doingTheAlingoDance

Koyno | Reviewer: Mohammed | 1/8/13

This song wast very gud to hear but b4 i tink say u wount make any song again am very happy by hearing this song aling and i know everyboday most hear it sha u know u try,,, p-square