Real hardtimes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/12

I love this song now when i'm in hardships again after a long time, and this is what makes you love a song so much when you understand and then smile stealthily 'bout what he is saying, looks like POD had watched me since an i loved and love a girl so much that no one can ever think, and that becomes an adjective and example for the world, and i did nothing wrong but that i never lied. She fucking dint trust me goddamnit and left for she thought i was a liar, what should i do then, nothing, hear this song, i was broken and i could do nothing but to cry and then when i heard this song along with those of tool parabola and others, i was left with eternal power, love u pod

INcrediBLe SONGS!! | Reviewer: Jimmy Taugera Segodi | 9/4/10

I'm 21 and i live with my nephews and i must admit that we Completely adore the CREativIY in ALL yours Songs, especially this one. I'm in a band And WE call ourselves "METaphor" ,we draw our inspiration from the Power of LOVE in your Songs. IT is like a light into our DARK lives. GOD is USing you to do Miraculous things and you're making a difference in this world.GOd BLess You ALL, P.O.D.!!!