I feel alive. | Reviewer: Mayer | 5/1/11

i am a very big p.o.d. fan. i swear i listen to this song before i play softball because you can say it gives me confidence and urges me to do good. it makes me feel like i can do anything. same The Youth of The Nation by P.O.D.

I truly FEEL SO ALIVe!! | Reviewer: Jimmy Taugera Segodi | 9/4/10

AFter Being Introduced to this Band a couple of weeks ago I have Managed to covince my family ANd they Totally LOVe you P.O.D...but i just realised that it wasn't I, that convinced them .in fact it is the POWER of LOve in YOUr song THat has gotten us to TRUST IN LOVE.. GOD BLESS YOU P.O.D.!

Confronting Jesus | Reviewer: Sauli | 7/5/10

Maybe you can draw relations to other types of things with this song, but this song really captures the essence of a person being born again in Jesus Christ. You see everything in a different light.

That's what this song is about. Knowing Jesus, and how it affects a person. The lyrics almost bring me to tears.

Alive | Reviewer: Antonio | 9/5/07

God lives in evry of us, so I think that this song can be about special person or any other one too...

Yo | Reviewer: Shaun | 8/24/07

This is about love. Love for god, love for one another, love for that special person. Whether it was intended that way or not, doesn't really matter at this point.

Not about | Reviewer: Jake | 4/24/07

This song is not about your "special" boyfriend or girlfriend this is about God.

someone who cares | Reviewer: someone special | 4/14/07

i have someone who cares bout me and loves me for me and P.O.D reminds me so much of him everytime i listen to it i think of him W**** if ur reading this thanku for caring and loving me ur my angel:)