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Performed by Ozzy Osbourne

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mr crowley listen idiots | Reviewer: bill | 10/24/09

Just get big lift weights and train heavy or go home and when jesus returns in the eastern sky we can say we told you so, since you not going to listen now, you eventually will every head and knee shall bow and every tongue confess, and if just for some small reason there is a hell and non believers go there wouldnt that suck to burn for enternity. But as far as ozzy if anyone has watched his reality show he is a christian and believes in god and if you guys are such satanist you surely would believe ozzy confessing to god the higher power, get real people, evolution or big bang theory come on you are more intelligent than that.

Crowley madman | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/09

Crowley was a sick demented man who was adicted on drugs . And he desecrated and infantilized the magic world claiming to have control over it, but in fact he was the one in control.Osbourne was not far away from him because he lived the same lifestyle its the poor talking about the miserable.

.... | Reviewer: Christina | 10/2/09

Is it just me or are some of these people misunderstanding this song? It's about Aleister Crowley, yes, he was a satanist. But Ozzy is condemning him in this song. Not admiring him or claiming to be a satanist as well. He is simply stating that Mr. Crowley (Aleister Crowley) was a waste of an intelligent mind. He worships satan and even refers to himself as "The Beast" He has a large group of followers, comparible to Hitler, he fooled people into following his beliefs of the devil. In this song, Ozzy is basically asking him "what the fuck is wrong with you?" and why would you live your life this way?!

get the fuck over it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/09

Wow you really are all a pathetic bunch of losers. Its a kick ass song, who honestly cares about the "hidden" meaning. Mr. Crowely? Who cares if he was a satanist or not, he was still a genious. And to all you religious nuts out there, get over it. If your so against all this sort of stuff, dont look it up and criticise it. Just get over the whole "holyier than tho" bullshit, pull your thumbs out your asses and look up the meaning of democracy and diversity. Thank you and good luck with it.
Ozzy rocks and this has to be one of the greatest songs ever!!

the song is amazing, u should thing only this | Reviewer: ann666 | 8/2/09

well. i've found some facts about crowley's life, and he was a satanist. well, i really don't care, the song is amazing!!!! i can't understand why don't you say your opinion about the song, and try to see if Aleister was with the devil's side. well if he was, i'm sure he was right, if i had to decide i would be a satanist than christian.... by the way, this is one of my favorite songs, and here Randy's solos are amazing, Randy is my favourite guitarist and i really love him. and Ozzy is one of my best singers!!! so stop losing your time with these things....

Read the book | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/09

You know, all this speculation can be cleared up very easily.... Look for a book by Carol Clerk entitled "Diary of a Madman-Ozzy Osbourne-The stories behind the songs".

Interviews of Ozzy and other band members/producers, etc about what the lyrics mean and how they came to be.

It covers from his Sabbath days to Down to Earth.

ISBN: 1-56025-472-6
Published in 2002

My wife found it at a Yard sale for a buck :)


repent (Satan is a deciever) | Reviewer: lee | 7/9/09

satan is and always will be a deciever, he doesant have any friends he loves no body he doesent do any favours and ultimatley decieves and lies and trys to be annonymous, but he is behind every negative and ungodley devices he is the father of all lies(john 8,40), crowley and ozzy and many others are influenced by demonic spirits and they and others dont even know it, there is a hell there is a heaven please come to Jesus and he will help and open the eyes who are decieved.

nope | Reviewer: Ghorak | 7/10/09

Nope, he isn't a satanist he just insisted that he saw demons which one of them called "Aiwaz" refers to his higher self who made him write the book "Liber al vel vegis" and also those demons he told about were not in Christianity, those were in his theology of Thelema.

Does it matter? | Reviewer: Trent | 7/3/09

How would any of you know if Crowley was Satanic or not? Were any of you there? And why should it matter if he is when you review the song? Yes you could argue wither he is arguing a point or something but it's still a kick ass song and that's all that should matter.
As an Atheist, I say you're all wasting your time with religion but that's just me.

... | Reviewer: Mr. Crowley | 6/22/09

This song is a reckoning among men for those of you who are non-believers you shall be drenched in the blood of your loved ones and left alone with no one there to prevent you from crawling like maggots at the feet of your so called "GOD". But do not fear children for Satan lightly spreads his wings and his essence shall surround you in an all to familiar warm and extasy...

Aussie Pagan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/09

This song kicks it to the next level. Edward Alexander Crowley is NOT a satanist, for all you Neo-Nazi Bible Bashing Freaks, Edward Alexander Crowley was a student of the most ancient arts, pre-dating all known religious belief. Calling him the wickedest man on earth is a mis-quote, Crowley had enemies within the occult because he didn't see the need to keep his practices secret. The song is cool and Ozzy is great. The book Ozzy refers to is "The keys of solomon" an ancient tome that details the rites and rituals of the line of kings, this includes King David. Wicked lyrics though. Serious rifts and a killer tune. The song actually came about because Ozzy had read the biography of Crowley and was using a Tarot deck.

Mr Crowley | Reviewer: Nath | 5/15/09

Brilliant song, really love it - one of Ozzy's best.

Remember, as Satanic as all you god-lovers out there think this song to be - Ozzy Osbourne is a performer, and by singing about Aleister Crowley he is not saying that he agrees with him. (Even though it is debatable to even consider Aleister Crowley 'satanic'.)

Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/09

I love this song. In my opinion I don't think that Crowley was 'the wickedest man in the world" but then again who cares? This is an amazing song.

Oh and it doesn't matter what age you are, you can know a shit load about Aleister Crowley at any age.

The truth about Mr. Crowley and Ozzy | Reviewer: Flappy Lipskin | 2/21/09

Aleister Crowley was a wicked hedonist who was instrumental in the popularization of Satanism. Crowley was a drug addict, homosexual hedonist, and even hinted at an interest in Pederasty, the practice of sex between men and young boys.

Ozzy is a Christian, despite his episodes of unruly behavior. The song "Mr. Crowley" is just a loosely constructed musing about Crowley's wasted brilliance through his pursuit of the most twisted deauchery he could imagine.

mr crowley.. | Reviewer: adam c | 2/17/09

this is an awesome song.I dont know much about mr crowley himself, but there again, im crowley is one of my fav songs with one of my fav guitar solos. i admit there has been better but this is still kick ass!!

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