Reviews for Let Me Hear You Scream Lyrics

Performed by Ozzy Osbourne

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I was reading the other reviews... | Reviewer: Ellie | 12/19/11

to put some imput on Lisa's review uhhh his voice is way more than phenominal its wicked and iam only thirteen and he's Super hott at the "no rest for the wicked" days so yah I absolutly LOVE HIM! ;)... Thanks Ellie King

AWESOMNESSS | Reviewer: ellie King | 12/19/11

im only thirteen but i am a DIE HARD Ozzy Osbourne Fan this song kickes HARD ROCK BUTT seriously my favorite part is "Let me hear you scream that you want it" but the video is another story it was a bit SCARY like chain saw massacare but i still LOVE him alot...GO OZZY!!

Ozzy is back, | Reviewer: Caitlyn | 8/3/10

And he's still kicking major ass!!!! I love this song, and most of the album for that matter!!! I think leaving Black Sabbath (as amazing as they were with him) was a pretty good decision, he's great all on his own.

fantastic | Reviewer: Max | 7/21/10

This song is fantastic, I love "Go loud!, Go strong!, Go proud!, Go on!"
They really worked on this song. But the solo is not great (I think)
Ozzy rules, I love this song
It's loud, it's strong, it's proud, go on

Ozzy | Reviewer: Lisa | 6/4/10

Ozzy is going to be, like, 90. And still releasing badass songs. Dang, this guy is awesome. I love all of his music, and his voice is phenomenal. I don't understand why Black Sabbath would let go of him. I mean, Dio is great, too (by the way, RIP!), but Ozzy is so amazing. I can't wait till the album comes out, I am so psyched!!

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