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hi | Reviewer: nada | 2/16/07

good worke and you make me proud tobe msulim

*~*InSpIrEd*~* | Reviewer: lamis | 2/20/07

You guys have put everything i've been thinking in the best, most amazing possible way. As a muslim arab who grew up in a western country and recently changed homes a couple of times across the world. i can also see the 'big' picture. awe-inspiring isn't it? just 'outlandish'

congrats | Reviewer: Noor | 11/26/06

i realy like your music outlandish i especially like the meanings to the lyrica. i have only recently heard your music but i carnt get enough of it. i particulary like listerning to closer than veins and wherever. i hope you produce some more songs with meanings as so clear as the previous songs. i am looking forward to hearing more of yoursongs. good look.

GOD BLESS Outlandish | Reviewer: Mahmoud (egypt) | 11/21/06

I just wanna say when listen 2 one of ur albums , my inner faith is renewed everytime and i feel proud to be a muslim after these attacks on islam and our beloved prophet Mohammad peace be upon him. U just keep on unveiling matters that had been hidden for a long time. I Luv your music,lyrics and style. Keep on doing the good stuff .But can any body tell me who's isam , waqas and lenny? maybe from the cover of 'closer than veins'? THNX and GOD Bless Y'all

masha alah on you | Reviewer: naiam | 10/23/06

salaaam to every one who are going to read my line's
wat can i say about dem they they are da best for me i like rap but i don't like da rapesh that going on this day'z
and outlandish they are giving me wat i like
i don't know if outlandish are reading my lin's
but to waqas ,lenny and isam (alah yehfathkon) and we are all witting for da new record ou urs

No doubt | Reviewer: Killasap | 5/19/06

do i love outlandish? well lemme say it this way..."Look Into My Eyes" was the only song in my whole life that i've cried too...not enough? well Outlandish specializes in their sound and how they put things together...The videos? CRAZY.....i love outlandish and i love them for what they're doing, declaring what media has hidden, and what man is forgettin....

Much Luv N' Respekt
.Kep Right

mkay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/06 ur albums r all realii gud!! u all realli do have genwine talent and i wish u da best..i aint many of ur tunees coz im in the UK..but i hav heard and seen walou and Aicha and calling u ive jus heard.even tho im not muslim i think ur tracks r 4 every1 coz we're all in the world 2geva under the one wud b reali kwl if u came to theUK to promote ur music coz every1 wud defently b keen to listento ur tracks..wjkk..god bless...wjkf

Aisha | Reviewer: Aisha | 1/10/06

Hey,thought the album was brilliant and my favourite song is ofcourse "Aicha" and im sure Cheb Khalid loved it too!!! and "If only" is a beautiful song!! The whole album is brilliant, i hope you guys keep releasing more albums your brilliant and i wish you all the best, best album ive listened to**Aisha**

. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/05

asslamwalaikum, im soo hppy therez a group thatz totally proud of bein muslim and bein able 2 protray their religious beliefs like a muslim shood witout the whole money 'n gurls extreme or killin a jew is jihad (wahabism) kinda thin. after 9/11 thinz got tough and ppl were bein so fake and... u kno wat u kno it i kno it and allah knoz it... bless u, u inspire me 2 better myself.. allahafiz, wasalam

Salamz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/05

Your song 'Aicha' is wicked. I love the video coz it's so genuine. I believe the song has deep meaning behind it, but i can sort of work out the jist. It'd be a great experience if i could interview you guys.

wow | Reviewer: sobia | 11/11/05

i dont really know what to say........ all your other fans have said it for me. i would just like to add that no other band has touched me in the way that you have, your songs cover the issue of the pressure that asian girls have to face. just like to thank the three of you for faceing the realities rather then hinding behind the normal boring stuff................ enough respect, one of your greatest fans sobia...x

east or west outlandish the best | Reviewer: hisham | 11/10/05

i love outlandish it really excellent group dream its to meet them one day ..ow really its the most powerfull group that i have know ever .. i like issam bachiri more cause he has a style very high on rap ..god save you outlandish you ..keep the good work ahead

too gangsta for the gangsters........ | Reviewer: USAMA a.k.a ILL SOULJA | 10/2/05

salaamulaikum.....oh man wut can i say words can't describe the beauty of outlandish's songs......i dunno wut to say....yo much luv to WAQAS ma paki bro.....hope to see y'all perform live one day...oh and i luv all ur songs especially dat one LOVE JOINT cuz u kno its so touching and its sik for da ladies....and dat song PEELO...damn y'all gotta listen to dem two joints...anyways yo keep it CHEDDA' and i hope ALLAH give's u all a good life...ALLAHAFIZ....

Here, Now, The Future | Reviewer: Zaufishan | 8/20/05

Most excellent lyrical songs ive ever herd- beats and styles that even outer galaxies can feel. Keep it up- i'm loving it, im sure Inshallah- that others will to


ten out of ten;) | Reviewer: Golara | 1/20/05

they are realy good. I love the way their text are geunwen. They don't act like they are som amarican gangsta stragith from the hood, they donæt talk all 'bout "bitches" mony and cars. They write what they know, they write what they feel. I like that;) they keep it real. lot Luuv;)

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