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you are my economic project | Reviewer: hayley | 4/29/08

my name is hayley sherman, and i live in Traverse City Michigan. My Economics class is doing a "Rock Concert" project where we get to choose our favorite band, and "book" them for 11 concerts in 10 cities in the month of July. Mind you this is not real, but we have to act like it is.So far I have learned that it is a lot of work to put together and it incorperates a lot of money.
I also just wanted to let you know that i really enjoy your music and i love your song "Calling you", in my opinion it is noe of the bast songs in the world.

best of luck to all of you

it is going inside soul | Reviewer: Adina | 3/26/08

heey...this band is very talent!!the 1 song i heard it was "Aicha", my bf from morocco he gave me to was amazing..ehatever i've heard!! an now it is my favorite band! i'm also singer..not that popular..but i cannot live without it! and they r singing so awesome that when im leastening i wana live..coz theyrs songs going out inside soul1 thanks guys so much...!!God bless!!!

To My favorıte bands !!! Hello!! | Reviewer: yra | 2/3/08

hi!!I am from anothet country but I live in TURKEY. I am a student at unıversity!!!I like Outlandish group very very much!!!Their songs mean very nice!!!About wars,freedom and poverty.I want to to see your group concer!!but you very far from here so I want to to come you Turkey!!!
İn the end I hope to you best wishes!!

Just Me | Reviewer: SoLe | 12/5/07

Hi! I´m Sole, from Spain, i really like this is my favourite!!!!
all of your songs are really beautiful!!!!!!
and the most important for me, the songs mean something!! against wars, terrorist, poverty.. it´s wonderful that people like they fight against this.....


As-allahmu-alikum | Reviewer: Sarah | 11/19/07

U guys are the best singers i have EVER heard of!
My most FAV song is "Look into my eyes", the first time i listened to it, i actually CRYED cuz it's so sad, and now i have memerized the whole thing. Once i start playing the song i wouldn't be able to stop.
Isam, i LOVE ur voice and the way u sing the songs:D, Waqas baiy,(lol)keep up the urdu and english raping!:), and Lenny, even though i don't uderstand spanish, i give the lyics to my mexican friend to translate it, they are really nice.:P

Real Music | Reviewer: Ameena | 11/17/07

I want to thank God for the amazing voices that each one of you have. My congratulations to Outlandish for the outstanding work you guys are doing through music. Is indeed important that we are rememinded that we are human beings. All songs produced are more than art to me. Hopefully other artists will follow your lead to make music what it is an art. Not just lines of prophanity and degrading to one-self. May God continue to give guidance in you path. Keep up the excellence in your work. God Bless You All.

hiiii | Reviewer: niki | 10/22/07

My name is niki and I'm from Iran,I just loved this song the first time I heard it.To me it is really relaxing and loveable.I would love to listen to it everyday .just keep makin' songs!!!

Salam | Reviewer: Sabreen | 10/7/07

Salam Brothers,(Peace)

Brothers I rally love your songs, man wallahi now Im listening to one of my fav songs by you guys "Eye never dry"
man I love them all.Specially Aicha,Eyes never dry,Look in to my eyes,words stuck to heart, man I love the othes funny songs too hehe well not funny but It sounds funny like Dirty dirty east lol :p
any ways brothers I cant wait till you pop up a new album.
Insha Allah May Allah give the Hidaya to all of you and all the people.
take care brothers,

hollaa | Reviewer: pazyar | 9/16/07

ya bros r so kool that i can't explain..i'm spendinn ma nicy nice vacation in north of iran with ma gal..we've benn partyin all da days long with ya amazin rythem..jsut le it go ma budss ya tha best fo sho...they call me

The Ultimate LOvE | Reviewer: Ahmad A`ssaf | 7/11/07

I lOVe THis Band VeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRy much wahy?
Because It IS The First Band In the woeld

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/07

i think this band is amazing..u guys are raising issues that are hidden and not adressed...i love how islam is incorporated...i love your songs they are so inspirational and i cannot stop listening to them..peaceee

to mahmoud (egypt) | Reviewer: yomna | 6/21/07

mahmoud i just wanna tell tell you that waqas is the one with the thicker beard , lenny is the one who sings in another language and isam is taller than lenny....did i make clearer for you?.........with all my respect and love to outlandish

Aicha | Reviewer: mino | 6/10/07

honestly i think u guyz r my bst bnd nd lie im crazy about ur songs.the songs uv sang r beutiful. my favourite is aicha coz i believe that that song touched me the most. it gave me the feeling that why shouldnt muslim girls reppresent their to tell u the truth all ur sngz r brilliant.nd i cnt wait to hear more 4rm u outstanding guys. all u people out there beta b payin respect!!!

in lovee.. | Reviewer: priya | 5/25/07

damn ur album and songs r a classic..u make every asain proud..i swear im damn proud the fact tht u guys been keepin it rreal n always will be..full propps for u guys..i love ur songs if only..and the fatima one..and eyes neevr dry..u make me speechless..if words could ever show the true from u guys tht the day ive believed how far a music can speak..

One of the best | Reviewer: JALAL | 4/27/07

yes guys you are one of the best..your last song calling you i can not thinking that anyone can hear it and didnot move from are the prove that we are all human no colours...keep going

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