Can't stop listening to this song | Reviewer: Courtney | 12/2/12

Every time i listen to this song it makes me feel good about myself! I'm reallly self-conscious and fat i'm 14 and weigh 93lbs. They made me relizes that people come in all shapes and sizes and thts what makes them beautiful

Thinkinggg <3 | Reviewer: LiliEyeTink | 11/30/12

I just wanted to say that that song is great.
The lyrics are awesome. Like seriously. Eveytime I read them I feel like crying because they remind me alot of myself.
And to the people who are writing rude and mean comments about One Direction, whats your problem? Im not going to force you to like them or tell you to rot in hell or any shit like that but seriously. Have you ever even thought about how they feel? They are human beings just like us and have feelings. I mean Harry frickin cried when he read tweets saying the they hated him and all that shit. Dont you guys even have a heart?
Im not asking you to love them or anything, all I'm asking is to think about your actions.
I admit that I used to hate them though. I thought they were some wannabe fags but they're not.
They are sweet people and dont deserve all the hate that has been given to them.
So just please think about what your doing.

BUT ANYWAYS!!! I love One Direction!!! Keep up the god work! <3

little things | Reviewer: 1D | 11/29/12

pretty good it was surprised that it wasn't another pop song like what makes beautiful. And i am now addicted to it.

niall finally gets a solo and i love how i can ( maybe you) tell when louis is singing

I hate you all | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/12

I think One Direction all have great voices, but their music isn't my style. This song is though. I've just seen a review that says that they think 1D can sing it better than Ed??? This is why I hate the world's population. Y'all need Jesus.

Crappy pieces of poop | Reviewer: Amanda | 11/29/12

One direction sucks serious booty! None of the above are even close to attractive. They all look like little ugly 12 year old boys when their
actually 18-20 years old. In addition there songs are just dumb. They try to be all sweet in their songs, but honestly I think their crappy and cheesy. I also personally think the song Little Things is kinda rude. All it is, is pointing out the flaws in everyone which I personally would be affended by. Not just this song, but all of their other songs as well. I'm just not a big fan of this group. I don't think that they are good singers, good song writers or even close to attractive. Like I said just personally just not a fan in anyway. They call me a directionater, I say man you just crushed me!

1Ds fan frm ANOTHER WORLD | Reviewer: Bandna gurung | 11/30/12

Firstly I am a big fan of one direction.I am frm Nepal.Here its really hard to get your new releases though I manage frm internet.Me and my friends are great fan of yours.this song LITTLE THINGS is reallly awesome .Although it is titled as LITTLE THINGS this song is GREAT THING for us THANK YOU ONE DIRECTION FOR A GREAT SONG!!!!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS A LOT AND PRAY SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS FOR YOU!!!!!

They are the fittest boyband in the world | Reviewer: Nicole Coleman | 11/28/12

The song really stands out because it means alot to people when they sang that song and a big thank you to Ed Sheeran for writing the song LITTLE THINGS it means alot to me and my family love them loads and it does mean alot to me and my sister toni i love her alot and everytime we sing the song we do a dance to it so love you toni xx

love 1D <3 | Reviewer: i love liam payne | 11/28/12

omg i seriosly dont no how anyone can hate this song
it is beautiful and makes me cry everytime i hear it
i love ed sheeran for giving this song to them
i think all their songs are amazing and that if u dont like them u could at least respect thir music
i hope that one day i will meet this amazing group of hot sexy boys
i will love them 4eva and eva
<3 <3 <3

Respect ! | Reviewer: Sophie Payne | 11/27/12

I think it's okay if you're not a Directioner most of my friends aren't Directioners but you have to at least respect them. You don't want to have people making fun of everything you do . So why do you do it ? Cause you want attention or are you just that big of a bitch? I mean seriously ?? Why can't you just leave them alone?

little things | Reviewer: erica | 11/27/12

I love this song and I love one direction it means soo much to me I wish I had tickets for me and my nice cuz we are a #1 direction fan HAHAHA 1D knows how to sing much better then other singers

That's scary. | Reviewer: Cameron | 11/25/12

Ok so I don't give a shit about 1D but my friend said this sounds like me but if I was more insecure about my weight this would describe me perfectly.......... o.O It's actually pretty cool. I'm gona pretend it was dedicated to me.

One direction forever | Reviewer: LMFAO LOL OMG | 11/25/12

I love one direction every one thinks I'm obsessed but is it bad being obsessed with 1D? Anyway i love this song I printed the lyrics out onto a three paper and put them as big as they would go they cover my wall. I'm so lucky i get to see them in Manchester in March that will be the best thing ever and i got tickets to a meet and greet yay!!!

omg<3 | Reviewer: hollie bannister<3 | 11/25/12

yeh people think they are gay and im one of them but they have amazing voices and this is achally an amazing song, there are boys in my school that look like the people out of onee direction but i think they are alot fitter then these...... probs becasue i am really close to all of them..... like i said they are gay but people love them and they are really good singers but what i dont get is........ why do people think they are fit!!! i mean yeh zayns fit but please none of them are as fit as jls but still i love this song <3

Lovin' One Direction | Reviewer: Sarah Curry | 11/25/12

If you ask me anything about one direction i will answer it. I know all of their songs and i just LOVE them! It would be cool if they could see this. Im a HUGE Directioner! I went to a lot of concerts on the up all night tour. I thought it was amazayn! I am half british so i know like all of the brittan sayings. Well i got to go lads! Love you all! ;)

Dayum | Reviewer: Matt | 11/26/12

Okay so. I'm usually not one for pop stuff like one direction. But I have to say I'm really starting to like their music. These stereotypes about them being just for little girls are seeming dumber and dumber lol.