1D so good | Reviewer: Christine yair | 1/8/13

I <3 ID . They have a awesome songs that aLmost dedicated to us. Great Tune and a totally hot lyrics . Little things is one of the best song of 1D . I aLmost sing it everytime and i watched the musicvideo aLmost many times :-) . GREAT SONGS BOYS and i ALways fall inLove with all of u guys ALso to Louis tomlinson . Best career ;-)

Our song | Reviewer: Cami :D | 1/7/13

This song is me and my boyfriends song, he's more of a rap person but I told him to listen to it, and trusting that he did, he said it was good and he liked it. This song doesn't match us perfectly like the tea part and dimples by your back and all, but every time I listen to this I fall in love with him again. Cami Age: 12

i love louis so much | Reviewer: Ella | 1/7/13

Louis is amazing and he is so hot he has got an amazing voice and I would love to meet him one day my friends think I am so insane but I am not joking I really love him me and my friend Victoria think that he is so hot and we have got posters everywhere on are walls of him I wish I could go to his consert but the tickets are all sold out

The Tommo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/13

Louis is so amazing! i love his boice so much, i cant even stand it. he is the love of my life, no joke. i know everyone says this, but i truly truly love him. thinking about him makes me cry. its kind of stupid, i know. but its funny cuz we r like the exact same ppl. im kind of mad, and i drive most ppl in the same direction. my mum thinks im insane! its all good tho. as long as i have my louis.

omg | Reviewer: unknown zayn sis | 1/6/13

omg i love 1D there sexy i thought my vagina was goin to brust but zayn:sexy harry:he can sing liam:funny louis:kool he got swag holla at me bros zayn is my bother i swear too god

I Love this song! Steph | Reviewer: Steph | 1/5/13

This so broke my heart. My boyfriend Curt he's got the dimples.
He tried to break up with me but I woundnt let him cuz he is
one for me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all his little things even though
there is a retraining order, ankle bracellet, and my parole officer just
says so. It doesnt matter how much i love him. Steph Age 13

yep. | Reviewer: Sara :) | 1/3/13

I remember when someone would say one direction at lunch, and all of the girls would start screaming while I was sitting there rolling my eyes as I sat there and continued to eat my burger. But I slowly started to listen to their music and I like them now. This song really touches every girl, and every note is hit with perfection. One direction might be my fav band now :) because of this sweet song. (And no I'm not absolutely obsessed with them, I actually have a real life.)

Thanks, Ed! | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 1/4/13

I love these lyrics-thanks Ed Sheeran! Between this and The A-Team, that guy has got to be the most heartbreakingly good songwriter I've seen in a while, but hey-that's just my opinion. I do KIND of wish he'd sung it, though. It would've been equally as beautiful.

I love u boys sooooooo much <3 | Reviewer: Georgia Harding xxx | 1/3/13

love your music so much hopefully I will be ccoming to see u all in concert. I've been driving my mum mad by singing your songs and going mad!I know all of the answers to the quiz in one of your annuals love u lot sooooooo much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

zyan i love sooo much | Reviewer: pet | 1/1/13

i mean i love him end lessley soo Got a problem with me?Solve it. Cant stand me?Sit down.Cant face me?Turn around.Think I'm tripping?Tie my shoes.Like me?Great.Hate me?Even better.Don't agree with my style?Don't like yours.Dont know me? Then dont judge me .-.

People are Ridiculous... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/12

Okay. Yes I like One Direction. And I like there music. I also like a guy at my school. And I also like this song. But those of you who say you LOVE them, please think of how strong the word "love" can be. They aren't ever going to be "yours". Yes all the boys are very fit, caring, and NORMAL. Those of you with a heart are REAL directioners. The ones who listen to there music and say kind words toward the boys are Real Directioners. Those who listen to there music because of there voices or there fit or have posters plastered on there wall or go to every concert or know almost everything about them that claim they are DIRECTIONERS aren't. There just stalkers and are chasing after something extremely immpossible. The quiet fans are the Real Deal. So don't pick one or all of them and treat them like property because they are just NORMAL people. Louis maybe an exception though... jk. Anyway, those who say soandso are there's need SERIOUS HELP! Please. Treat them with more respect and as they want to be: normal people who are brilliantly talented singers. Thanks lovelies! - Anonymous ;)

Love this song ^.^ | Reviewer: MysteryPerson? ❤ | 1/1/13

Well , All I want to say is . I just LOVE the lyrics . And the song of course xD . And especially Niall's part .__. His voice Sounded good in this song . ^.^ Good job Niall . But the others were Great too ( : Zayn , Liam , Harry , and Louis ♥ This song can really make people cry , smile , and be happy as I read in the comments .-. Lol . So good job boys :D Make more awesome songs like this ^-^ I know you will .

love 1D | Reviewer: wendy | 1/1/13

i really like one direction but i like zayn better he is so cute i like one direction song alot i like little things alot because it's sounds sad like someone is going to breakup with u and the kiss u song it sounds u are going on a date thanks i'm wendy i'm 9 years old

sorry you have no chance with my husbands | Reviewer: kayla | 12/30/12

I loved zayn,harry,niall,louis,and liam ever scince they srtarted on the X factor and i will not give them up now. If it wasnt clear that they were talking about ME lisen to this song and read the lyrics carefully cause 1D loves all of the Directioners BUT me more. I am the biggest 1D fan you will ever hear about in your life and i am dieing for these guys to write a song about me plz i am the nicest person alive welll i try love ya 1D

Obvious | Reviewer: Samanta | 12/30/12

Of course you love this song because of its lyrics.. That's thanks to ED SHEERAN, this boy band could never do something like this. So to all the people saying "I started listening to 1D because of this song" .. Well, they're never doing something like this again, you know (: So you can go back to listen good music.
I hate the fact that some people really don't know who the amazing artist behind this song is.