Ahahahaha! | Reviewer: Dragon | 6/20/13

Really you like a song, telling a girl that EVERYTHING is wrong with her?
Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Ed Sheeran's smart, writing a song to offend girls, sung by One Direction, because no one looks who writes the songs. XP

WATTPAD | Reviewer: TORISevilleja | 6/14/13

Liam, please help me make a book today. I know you are just a reader, but I am asking for your words to help me. Including your songs. Please understand my situation...
-Hannah Maria Victoria B. Sevilleja

SAY A COMPLIMENT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/13

I hope that the 1D would not just do their best, but do their best in their hearts. I also hope that 1D would find their perfect girl this year. They did their best today, but when their PERFECT GIRL comes out and shows herself, I hope that they would do their PERFECT BEST FOR HER!!!
-Hannah Maria Victoria Sevilleja
-For the 1D...

Love<3 this song!! | Reviewer: Salma<3 | 6/7/13

OMG!!! I L<3VE this SONG! Its like it describes girls perfectly and how we feel some times! The 1D guys are amazing and sweet id like to meet them some day! Love their accents! BEAUTIFUL SONG LOVE THEM ALL EQUALLY THEIR HANDSOME!!! They TELL GIRLS WHAT THEY WANT/NEED TO HEAR!! haters gonna hate !keep opinions to yourself! U guys are just jelly! TOTAL LOVE AND SUPPORT TO THEM! #wish i could meet them
#love them # love the song

(as you can see im quite a fan)
well bye<3
Love U!

Actually I like the song | Reviewer: Lollipop | 6/6/13

Well... I'm not into 1D, like not at all...
But Actually I like this song. I don't found it boring like some say, it's actually lovely and makes me smile, it's nice that they create this kind of music about how being model of "pefection" is not what they love.

I don't really get why the hate. I like the fact that this show cleary that they CAN SING, it show how good their vocals are and also that they're not just not "pop teenage songs".

[Sorry if there's some grammar mistakes, english isn't my mother toungue]

Real music | Reviewer: @AntoniaKovac | 6/4/13

I don't really get people that say that "their songs aren't real music". Minutes after "Little things" came out there were people already saying they'd stop cutting and self harming. This is what real music does. It changes people and their perspective of life. If there is society and all of those people around you saying you're not good enough and then there come 5 guys saying it doesn't mean you're not perfect if you have flaws and that exactly those flaws make you perfect and beautiful, that's what I call a real idol. Those 5 idiots managed to make me smile when I almost forgot how to. And I hope one day I can just hug them and say thank you, for changing my life.

Little Things :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/13

Okay, first of all, I'd just like to say I'm not a directioner or anything. They're not my cup of tea... I'm MUCH more into the alternative/rock/indie thing. But this song is BEAUTIFUL. Honestly, this is one of the only songs I enjoy of theirs... It's amazing. So yup! All you haters out there.... Just go rethink your life!!! Bye! :) <3 Alli

Wow! | Reviewer: Riley | 5/18/13

Honestly, I don't care what other people think, I love this son, it is sung by my favorite band(One Direction) and is written by Ed Sheeren. So, just because you hate this song, it doesn't mean you should announce it to the world. Get a life and stop criticizing.

OMG Love it and stop the bullshit | Reviewer: nobody | 5/17/13

people don't write stupid rubbish shit ok they are perfect and if you don't like them well it doesn't mean you have to write shit about them I mean wat if u were the famous one and you just got shity comments hu wat do u think it would hurt ok so stop and i personaly LOVE THIS SONG it was ment for me so go to hell haters .l.

Love it!! | Reviewer: Heather | 5/16/13

Here I am thinking I'm nothing and then I hear Zayns voice singing the first verse of this song and I feel myself smile as the rest of one direction sings their part Harry's your perfect to me part makes me cry,

Meh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/13

Okay, the lyrics are kind of nice and sweet... but oh... it's just not my kind of music. I'm a girl, but I'm not the kind of girl who feels as though boys(or girls) have to love every little thing about me and gets all upset if they say I'm hot or whatever. If they say I'm hot, I'll be glad because it's a freakin' compliment. All these chicks who go on about "Boys shouldn't care how big your boobs are. If he does, he is a jerk," need to shut the hell up. As long as he's not using you or lets you know that he's not looking for a serious relationship, then it is F-I-N-E. He thinks you're attractive! Be happy!!

I wish | Reviewer: Maya | 4/30/13

Evey girl wants one direction there PERFECT.(ZAYN) This song is what every girl wants a guy to say about them<3. I cry when i hear this song because i think I WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kuyuytiuy | Reviewer: ;pokklj;lkj;lk | 4/29/13

This song is just so touching... I always cry when I hear this song.. It is the best song...it mostly describes me! And am the biggest nd proudest directioner! I lik this if I had to rate it out of 10 I would rate it 11! This song is the way to express my feelings!

nice song | Reviewer: Austyn Hernandez | 4/28/13

well i am not a one direction fan or notin like that but i would say that their not all rubbish when it comes down to it their pretty talented anyways this is one of me favorite tracks and i have a very spot on judgement of music in general being a musican me-self

Understand. | Reviewer: Rose | 4/26/13

They are not pointing out her flaws and saying they are the only ones who love her. I think it's pretty clear that they are saying that all these things make her perfectly imperfect (perfect is boring).