Baby Bling... :) | Reviewer: Sweet Little Girl from Heaven | 4/3/14

It's a very romantic easy listening love song. Wish I could have this lovin' tender guy. I'm here for you. Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you.
I'm in love with you..

I love my Baby Bling :)

i love one dso much | Reviewer: sophie harlin | 12/18/13

your songs are the best ever and i a big big fan of all of you are welcome to my house all the time if you know where wilkos is if you to you can send my mam a tex on facebook if you want so i love you plz come to my house one day plz one d becuse you are the hottes band you have ever been kk

It's ONE DIRECTION?! | Reviewer: Merridy | 12/4/13

Recently these boys in year 10 have come up to me and keep singing to me! Only when I was at my friends house and was singing what they were she told me it was One Direction. I am NOT a One Direction fan at all but I don't mind this song on account of the fact that I get it sung to me in school!

love you and good song | Reviewer: nour ashraf | 11/13/13

I love you one diraction and love all your songs and I enjoy them and enjoyed little things and it really have a good meaning. And I wish you could have a tour to Egypt <3 love you 1D

Love Ed's version :) | Reviewer: WhateverMyNamesIs | 10/27/13

I just really love Ed's version. I heard it in SoundCloud and it really made me cry because mostly in those lyrics is what I have in my imperfections and it just broke the feelings I have inside. It also made me cry because I'm a fan of Ed Sheeran if you haven't noticed Hahahahaha :)

wedding | Reviewer: amanda williams | 9/29/13

My now husband had this played for me at our wedding in los this year x it was second time around for us both , and it had us all in tears much loveit now means so much to me x

Little Things One Direction | Reviewer: Leanner | 9/22/13

I personally believe this song is so inspirational it's actually been making me tear up....especially the bridge (Niall's solo) because I know someone personally who is deeply cared about by me and is depressed and self-harms and I think this is just beautifull.....

you never love half as much i love u!! | Reviewer: angy | 8/25/13

i heard this song for some one special in my life <3 and its really grew up on me and heard it for a few more times!! and i just wanna say yes babbbyyy:

i won't let these little things slip out of my mouth
but if it's true, it's you, it's you they add up to
I'm in love with you, and all your little things.

<3 <3 | Reviewer: Surabhi | 8/22/13

Oh!! what can i say about this song,, it's just amazayn <3 ,, i'm truly, madly,deeply in love wid all u guys,, and YES!!! I am never gonna loose my hope for meeting u ,, ur sweet directioner love ya Zayn , Niall, Harry ,Louis AND Liam <3 <3

I LOVE THIS SONG BECAUSE OF RIZZA | Reviewer: Henry | 8/16/13

this song is great. I really want to sing this to Rizza. . She is a fan also of one direction. . I just have to make some variations for this song to make it more unique.. :)


Beautiful<3 | Reviewer: Ciara | 8/14/13

First time I heard this song I was like " they have nice voices but the song is just okay" but it really grew on me! I love this song. It kind of reminds me of angel by exo. Idk why

oh dear ._. | Reviewer: Princess Peach | 7/19/13

The girls on this is ridiculous.... okay.... yes there a good group... yes they can sing.... BUT no there not going to look twice at any girl like the squinnies on here. grow up.. get a real boyfriend and stop fooling about with young men that wouldnt even bat an eyelid in your direction... thank you! silly people.

1D | Reviewer: Dani Knkngt | 6/30/13

This song is great. It makes people who listen,or read the lyrics happy. This describes some people so perfectly. Yeah, nobody's perfect and people need to realize that. Some people love the good and the bad. That's what make us human. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes you wish you could go back and fix them but face it.. that's impossible. Try to love yourself flaws and all. Don't go and tell yourself that you are ugly or pathetic or anything like that. Focus on the "Little Things" that are amazing. Hey, you may hate them but some people love your flaws. If those flaws weren't there then you wouldn't be you. One Direction is great and people need to stop hating on them just because of one or two small things. This song is amazing.

Play nice | Reviewer: JG1115 | 6/27/13

Listen, I get it if you aren't into idolizing boys and stalking them like pieces of meat... It's actually good. I would understand if you didn't like them. That's okay, too. That doesn't mean that you can go around being a jerk to everyone who does actually like them. I wouldn't call myself a hardcore fan of one Direction; however, I can appreciate them as a band. This is a beautiful song. Props to Ed for writing it and to the boys for putting their talents vocally to use on it. It's not about pointing out everything that is wrong about a girl. It's telling how all her flaws and perfections make the girl, well... The girl. And he loves her, therefore, he loves everything that makes her her. Her imperfections make her who she is and he believes her to be perfect the way she is... And the idea is beautiful. These people are saying that no matter how many things you pick out about yourself that you don't like, you are still beautiful just the way you are.

As for not looking at who wrote the actual song, everyone knows Ed Sheeran wrote the song. He's an amazing artist.

I don't usually listen to poppy, boy-bandy, music but I genuinely love this band. These five idiots were somehow banded together and they're changing the way people think and feel about themselves. That's the power of music. A lot of people say that people only like them because we think they are attractive but it's not like we buy they're music to listen to their appearances. If you can't appreciate a band or an artist for what they are, fine, whatever. But that doesn't mean that you can call other people stupid for not liking the same stuff you do.

perfect | Reviewer: michelyn | 6/26/13

little things makes me want to cry everytime i hear the song One Direction is so very sepecial because they can sing and touch your heart all at the same time little things is so good because they talk about you your self i mean its personal they say they love you any way isnt that special ilove this song and OneDirection