wow... | Reviewer: Gingerwillow | 12/29/12

I've never liked 1D,honestly.
But when I heard this song,
it made me,change my point of veiw.I'm not going to ever
''obsess'' over one of them.
But,it just made my point of veiw change :)

Niall is my love and heart foreva! | Reviewer: Amiane | 12/29/12

I like this song because I love niall and his voice, it's so cute when he sings. I kind of cried when I first heard it because it made me think of when I was in a relationship with my ex but I find the song amaZAYN, fanomiNIALL, brilLIAM, fabuLOUIS or extroadinHARRY, it depends! I love their songs of their albums too! They are so cute. 1D ARE MY LIFE, LOVE, HEART AND SOUL!! xxxxoxxxxx

Converted | Reviewer: Lauren | 12/28/12

Like most, I didn't care for One Direction so much. I'm not into the whole boy band thing. But this song...this song is so beautiful. This totally reminded of what my boyfriend always says to me. They sing this impeccably. My favorite parts are definitely Harry's and Niall's. Harry's quality in his voice sends chills. The gritty, but soothing sound make it so unique. And Niall's part is spot on what my boyfriend says to me all the time. This made me tear up. Beautiful execution boys.

A love for the 1D guys | Reviewer: Yassi Yssabele | 12/28/12

The first time i heard this song, i merely cried because of the thought that many guys still loves those of the imperfections of their girls. The imperfections which made them love more their girls. It's so cute. Now, my boyfriend used to sing this song to me with his guitar on. And i just love him everyday. Harry, liam, niall, louis and zayn, you guys are amazing, you're amazing for singing this kind of song.

niall is my hart | Reviewer: elle | 12/27/12

i love this song because i love nialls part. niall is the fitiest boy in the whole wide world he has got fit eys he as got fit hair hes got a fit voice and hes got fit teath hes got fit lips hes got a fit body i love you niall if you get to read this then write back pleaz i love you niall

Louis Tomlinson | Reviewer: Shyanna Martin | 12/27/12

i love louis tomlinson, he is an amazing singer and i love his singing soo much!
i love his verce in this song, and i am also in love with this song and i am louis's biggest fan, and i love him soo much!!! <3

Lololol. | Reviewer: Emily.:] | 12/26/12

I used to hate One Direction, but I've slowly started listening to their songs and now I don't mind them.:]
They're all amazing singers!!
I'm not crazy though...I don't have one of them that I obsess over(like most of you._.) but they aren't bad looking.:]
Yuuuup...that's all.:]

Really likes it | Reviewer: Bailssss | 12/24/12

My twin loves 1D she is in live with them. For x-mas I got her their CD. She is gonna love it!!! She had me listen to this song and I love it. It is great. My sister would be so happy and go crazy if I told her that I really liked it. My favorite part is Harry's when is voice is deep and I also like Nialls part. For some reason the was he says darling is just so cute!! This song could defiantly be one of my favorites

12/24/12 | Reviewer: Maria | 12/24/12

I think this song is really good because it's quite different than the others. It's good that everyone of them sings their own solo so you can hear everyone's voice very clearly! The words are great! I just love you all so much, Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn! You all give me power! And Louis you are so cute and funny<3!

Zyan someday will be mine | Reviewer: Skylar | 12/22/12

I love this song and I too want to become a singer in a couple of year and when I do I'll see me with zyan holding hand because he's all mine and very cute then all the other boys in the band put togetther . This song make girls feel no matter how u look from the outside u still look as beautiful in the in side like the out side. U can like fat but your petty or skinny worst the a one but ur beautiful. That song is the best right now and that band was put together great love them!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Wow | Reviewer: SomeRandomGuy | 12/22/12

I'm a guy. I hated one direction until I heard this song. The first time I heard this instantly out of nowhere my girlfriend popped into my mind. And a big smile across my face. Lol

Niall Horan little things | Reviewer: Mackenzie Hansen | 12/21/12

i am 17 and when i first heard of one direction i screamed my head of because of there beauitiful voises and nialls face. when i hear niall sing i turn the music up LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am not in a relationship right now and i would absolutly love it if niall asked me out on a date and we eat nandos and watch Greece!i love 1D!:D

it's so beautiful | Reviewer: anneliese :) | 12/21/12

this song make me feel so happy . i don't know why but it's just did . this song tells me that even if im not so perfect , the one who is meant to be with me will not care about those little things that makes me ugly or unconfident in myself ..;.

i love you ! | Reviewer: N <3 harry styles | 12/21/12

even though im only 15 , i could feel this song so deeply till my tears drops on the floor . i mean , i've been into relationships so many times but there's always some little things that make my boyfriends dumped me .im sad . so , after listening to this song , i have my confident back . and im sure , even though i have these little things and i don't like them , someone who love me , will love them more than i do .. <3

love Harry he is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Brittany Howard | 12/20/12

I love Harry he cute and mine I want to see them saw much I want to see them so much your mine Harry Edward styles full name you so mine I know every thank about u I am number 1 love u soooooooooooooooo Sooooooooooooooooo
Much ! Love u !!!