For The lover of zyan | Reviewer: Kelsang | 2/7/13

I have no words to write how gud is this song and zyan i am a die hard fan of yours. This song is the best song in the universe. Not only this song every song u all sing love u 1D

fits her well | Reviewer: balanar | 2/9/13

My girlfriend is chubby and fits her well and it's true, i love her dispite her weight and waistline. Lol i'm gonna upload my cover for this song for her to see it on our 4th anniversary. :) which is today. Yaaaaaayyy!

beautiful | Reviewer: camille | 2/11/13

The song is beautiful it just...speaks to a lot of girls and even if u don't like one direction the song is just soft and gentle makes u cry I'm a directioner still all the little things a guy loves about a certain girl age is just a number maturity is a choice

Awh! | Reviewer: Abby | 2/5/13

I am not a One Direction fan, but when I heard this song I was blown away. Just everything is so true, everything from the freckles on my face even down to the dimples in my back. It's a great message a I can totally relate to this song.

Zayn lover forever!! <3 | Reviewer: Destinie <3 | 1/29/13

At first I didn't get the song and I didn't like it,but now it's my fav song.My favorite is Zayn....Sorry girls he's mine!!!!!But back to the song.All I do is sing and play this song over and over again!!!Some of my best friends don't like this song to bad for them cause they don't know what they're missin!!!!This is the best song on the planet.I love <3 this song!I will always be a true directioner!!!! <3

Me little things | Reviewer: Jamie | 1/29/13

OMG i luv 1D so much when i heard little things i fell in luv with it it is so sweet n so beautifull i would like to meet u guys some day Styles has a real great voice n zayn,louis,niall,liam luv ya and your little things MMMWWAAHH:*

Good song | Reviewer: Audrey | 1/29/13

Look I'm not at all a 1D fan, but when I heard this song I have to admit that its adorable. It has a really good message. Also Its about time 1D came out with a different song. A lot of their music sounds the same to me. But this song is unique and just beautiful. The only thing that I dont like is the part about the dimple in her back. (It's putting a gross picture in my mind)Anyway, I believe they are very talented. I would probably like !D a lot more if people werent so obsessed. This directioner in my class knows all of their birthdays, ages, parents names, the town they grew up in, and even grandparents names. She flunks a lot in school. (Maybe if she spent more time studying instead of looking up 1D personal info, she would do better.

antarctic blue | Reviewer: ariel stone | 1/28/13

I think you guys have outdone the other celebs all over the world like you just litarally just kicked Justin Bieber to the curve when you made this song. But it would be nice to know what your songs are about sometimes.

sara_directioner | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/13

OMG I love<3 1D they are the best band i mean the best singers in the whole pl anet !!their songs are the most beautiful songs i've ever heard!!! Specially this song . It really explains me :(
I loved the way they sing it .. Zayn is my favourite part

Little things, awesome!!!!!!! ;) | Reviewer: Niall lover | 1/27/13

Oh man, I love that song, love their solos, love Niall & his voice & his hotness. Don't get me wrong, I love every 1D member, but Niall's my fav. ;) <3

Love you Niall, I'm serious, if you read this blog read my note!!!!! <3

deadly song well done boys #1fan | Reviewer: nicole | 1/27/13

i love your songlitt soooooooo much . i listen to it every time im in my room . me and my cousin love one direction soooo much. we sing to your every day .the song makes every girl in the world fall in love with it . i love niall , louis, zayn ,liam and harry soooo much .

Is the song true? | Reviewer: random | 1/26/13

When i heard the song i thought it was REALLY good. But do actually think they would chose(or even talk to) a girl like that. They are all dating celebs. Do u think harry would chose a girl that Squeeze in her jeans!

one direction i love them | Reviewer: noelia | 1/24/13

hey wat is up i love one direction and my favorite is zayn and my friend karla loves niall and julia loves liam and my friend kassandra loves louie and bibi loves HARRY

love, noelia
p.s. i am the one who loves zayn

Best song! | Reviewer: Katie | 1/24/13

I was in the car with my cousin and she's a huge Directioner like I am.And out I no where she says "Oh my god listen to One directions's new song little things!"So I did.And that moment I fell in love with it!But what got me crying was the part harry says."You never loved your voice on tape,you don't want to know how much you weigh,you still have to squeeze into your jeans."That is all true about me.And I thought.Oh my god my fave guy from 1D is singing about something that's true about me!I love this song!Its one of my faveorite 1D songs every!

little thing | Reviewer: mubienah namli | 1/21/13

i miss marouf ebong .., coz he make me happy f he sing it to me., and i love him so much even we've never met since first!, i dont know but i feel confurtable to him., but again i love this song coz of marouf, i love you marou,