hmm.... :3 | Reviewer: Skybold | 1/22/13

When I first heard this song,
I honestly thought it was kinda weird.....((no offence 1D fan girls))
My mom agreed,but after a while,Little Things became my fav song.I started to understand what the song meant.
And then realized how beautiful the song was
I am and never will be one of the ultra fans ^^;
But,deep down,I am a true Directioner :3

Awesome | Reviewer: Unknown | 1/21/13

This song is so inspiring because I usually don't like myself.and it would awesome if a guy said those things about me because its nice to know someone likes you even though u don't like your self. Harry and zany are the best singers in this song love them!!!! Love this song

Love this song so much!! | Reviewer: Shannon R. | 1/19/13

I love Little Things because it describes how a lot of girls view themselves. Alot of girls aren't happy with themselves and their appearance. Also, I love Niall sooooo much! He is amazing and I love his solo and his voice. He is the best!!

harrys-zeyn | Reviewer: stefani | 1/19/13

I love this song because it can describe the incomplete y the usual capitalist people! description of our true selves y Getting Started himself not to want to hide from people Kapi describe the true life without any shame! I LOVE ONE DIRECTION <3

id is amazin | Reviewer: Marissa Leaton | 1/18/13

I love 1d so much. Ever since I heard your first song What Makes You Beautiful I fell in love with it. Now I heard your other songs and it makes me want to sing out loud, that's how good you guys are. I am definitely your #1 fan. I listen to all your albums and I love your newest song Little Things. Keep stayin cool Harry & Louis and the rest of you are also amazing too.

AWESOME!!!!! | Reviewer: Loriann | 1/18/13

Well this song is kool even though i dont have a boiifriend but doesnt hurt to like it right lololol!!!! Ithink that HARRY AND ZAYN are the best singers love you GUY!!!!!!!! BIG FAN since uuuuhhhhmmmm 2 hours ago still listening to it since then you guys are all good!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't like it I ... LOVE it!!!!! <3 | Reviewer: Emily | 1/16/13

Little Things by the famous and talented One Direction is a very good song about how much someone loves the real you and not how you look. And this is my new favorite song by them!! I just need to buy this song on I Tunes! I love this song so much and I believe I always will have a love for this song!!!!

PERFECT | Reviewer: KitKatz or Tori | 1/12/13


i love 1d soooooo much+ ,niall and louis | Reviewer: nicole | 1/12/13

i love your song little things so much. every time i listen to it i fall in love with it . my room walls are plastered with posters and pictures . all my friends are mad about 1d ilove niall + louis + zayn liam + harry soooooo much . peace out nicole + maria 12

i love 1d sooooo much +niall , louis , zayn , liam , harry . | Reviewer: nicole +maria age 11 | 1/12/13

The minute i heard little things i totally fell in love with it . my room walls are plastered with 1d posters . my friends adore 1d . i think niall is cute an irish i totally love your voice so much i love u ,louis is so kool +i love you soo much,zayn is so adorable+ liam i love u so much very good voice. harry,good style + so cute

Ed Sheeran | Reviewer: :P | 1/13/13

Not sure if i spelt his name right but i love ed sheeran; it was kind of him to give this song away.. just love how everything is written so nice and great- give props to 1D- they did pretty good with this song but i think i wouldve love ed sheeran more

Awesome Song by 1D <3 | Reviewer: Oprah | 1/10/13

This Song really speaks the truth its amazing how these 1D dudes can make all the girls around the world feel very special!(: that's why we love them endlessly!! its their most chilled song since they started singing even their best! but hopefully we'll hear more of their songs like that" and we'll love the¡¡ way to start the new year with such a beautiful song¡ #much love 1D <3<3

in love!! <3 | Reviewer: un known | 1/9/13

ever since I have herd this song I have falling in love with the entire group pepole can laugh and giggle about all this stuff we directioners say but we have our hobbies and they have theirs!! anyways I love this song so much it actually brings tears to my eyes!! I live you harry!! peace out!!

how sweet | Reviewer: charmain | 1/9/13

this reminds me of my sweet,loving husband who left me few yrs ago;he used to quote little things on my body n we would that im hearing the song,it brings back memories.

For the girl | Reviewer: James | 1/8/13

I learned this for my girlfriend on the guitar. If anyone out there is doing the same note that the tabs found online are wrong. It's capo on the 5th fret and a d,g,e,a progresson roughly in fingerstyle. The chorus is eM,g,d,a. You can figure it out :)