Your #1 Fan! | Reviewer: monique | 9/21/07

hey omarion this monique your #1 fan. you are so fine and i really like U im am 19 years old I got all your poster on my wall your smile is so sexy and cute. so keep doing what u doing player!

i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv omari grandberry | Reviewer: darian roberts | 9/21/07

i am so proud 2 see a young man name omari ishmeal grandberry doing his thang i luv u so much and i luved u every since u came out

by: yo wifey d33 d33 4 life

Just a friend | Reviewer: Shakeena | 9/5/07

Hey Omarion as you know that my name Shakeena Mays and I have been singing ever since I've been
on my back porch{7 years old} and I started in
church{10 years old}. I dont have to tell you this
but I want you to know.So I'm not one of your number 1 fan ,but your friend. You sound cool and o.k. Oh, I am 14 years old ,so you want thing I trying to go with you. My nickname is Keena and
you can see my , myspace page as Keena4784.

your friend,
asap:I wonder is you going to go on my, myspace page.

i love you | Reviewer: sharonta | 8/30/07

you are so fine i have all of your music i am truely your #1 fan i have all your cd's and and your pictures that's how good yo look.

IM YOUR NUMBER 1 FAN | Reviewer: shonice dabbs | 8/30/07

omarion you is so fine i love your music i have every single picture thet you have tooken on my wall in my room.i got every cd from b2k till now and it is not on bootleg.i love you and again im your number 1 fan

omarion please resport | Reviewer: mary | 8/15/07

hi omarion how are u. i luv ur songs they a nice even ur voice it touch my heart.can i pls have ur email adress or ur photo luv u a lot luv mary

OMARION IS SOO HAWT!! | Reviewer: alexis | 8/13/07


luv ya | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/07

hey omarion i luv ya sngs they are so kwel U R MA IDOL u respect chcks for hu they are. i hope u come do a concert in NZ one day because i soo wana see you sing Live luv ya heaps
a NZ fan

My Baby | Reviewer: Nekyra | 7/5/07

Hey Omarion I just would like 4 u to know that you will always be my star.Cause quess what?I have never BEEN WITH A STAR!!!!You get it. I am only 11 and I know all about you.I am a young beautiful African American and I love YOU ''from the bottom of my heart''[i got that poster]

Thank goodness | Reviewer:>Carmen Atls finest | 6/26/07

Im happy to finally see a young artist appreciating music and females in a classy way. Omarion is a mature young man with a message that reahes the young yet the older generation. With his vocals combined with his love for dance he cant be stopped.

my man | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/07

I Love Omarion..I Dream About Him Every night.srry ladies he's taken.Luv you O. By Fatimah

Omarion Rule | Reviewer: Corey L | 6/22/07

Hi Omarion, Im Corey from luton, England. I just love the way you dress and your style in music!
You are the best role model ever. I' ve heard all of you songs, I think the best one is Ice Box!!! Your the best! If I was king I would choose you as best singer in the world.
No affence but I recond that your better with out B2K!
Any wayz,

Holla back yo!
Corey L
P.S keep up the good work?!

His email address | Reviewer: sawaneh | 6/22/07

i realy to know omarion and also to be friend at all and also he can knoe me well

i luv you | Reviewer: Farhia | 6/19/07

Hi oarion i am farhia and i am ure 1 and only fan in da world i love you and ure voice ever since u came out with B2k and now u really inpress gurls like me. luv ya

Hi Omarion | Reviewer: Guirlene | 6/17/07

Hi Omarion my nameis Guirlene, From Haity thise Artist I Like then I like your voice i got many your picture baby can u please do something about that please baby then i live lake worth I know your can`t see me I just tell you I much I love you.