Raudiee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/07

Hey,omarion.Hw r u?im damnly in luv wif ur songs,ur voice n not to forget is ur self.Argh..Damnly luv it.Nyways keep up the good work.Cn i hv ur email address or ur friendster?Tkecre always.Mwahz.Lots of luv-raudiee(brunei)

South African Love.... Baby | Reviewer: Thandi | 5/26/07

hi der O'marion dis is Thandi!! baby T from South Africa jst wana say u r Rocking S.A rite now... Ice Box is heating up da charts. i am a Huge fan of really adore ur body got to be honest. U shud think of coming to S.A da respons u'll get wil amaze u really. but anywayz hope to hear from u n all i wana say is may God continue 2use n bless u!! Luv T

hey omarion | Reviewer: Kagiso | 5/28/07

I have loved you since the start of B2K, I have all da B2K albums, and now started collecting your albums personally. Ilove icebox remix with usher, its tight. keep going and making these songs. Thanx to you i am so cold. From kagiso in South Africa

What u like to do | Reviewer: Dominique | 5/7/07

I want to know what u like to do in your spare time. I am a big fan of yours. I really do like you.

omarion you are the best ive heard yet. | Reviewer: charmaine | 5/1/07

hey omarion, this is your number one fan. and my review of you is that i think every song that you have ever came out with is really hot. your most recent album has really inspired me . especially your remix of the song icebox, featuring usher, really made me think about my own experience with relationships. much love sweetie.


charmaine from dallas

IHATE you so much right now | Reviewer: ANGELA | 4/30/07

you know what, eveybody seems to make such a big deal of your music,well u know what omarion your music sucks!!!yours truly pls keep in touch

That boy iz a hottie | Reviewer: Jasmine | 4/25/07

Hi Omarion my name iz Jasmine,From Milwaukee, and Im your one and only number 1 fan to be exact. I loved u and your voice ever since U came out with that band B2k!! And now U can really make us gurls life come true... I know u wont respond back but Bye Love ya( omari Ishmael Grandberry Wifey )

You are a bomb... | Reviewer: Sandra Marques | 2/13/07

Hi Omarion, my name is sandra i'm from Portugal, and i'm your fan, I love your stile and your songs, you have a incredible voice end a excelente dancer. I have all your's records and I see your movies.
I known that you will not aswer me...but I rite you anyway...I love your single "Ice Box" from your new album...For you I wish the best and the better for your carrier....kiss and kiss for my favorite star...YOU!!! :)

am hopeful ya am hopeful girl to get ya | Reviewer: orealwife | 2/9/07

damn o i love ya. ya make me crazy i dont wat to do. my bedroom ma bag ma table in school ma clothes n ma arm yo picture n yo name iz in all of it am dyin baby can u plz do something and plz o be careful cuz my life iz in yo hand if ya throught it it is gon go foreva.

it should be a crim to be so fone | Reviewer: shawntia | 2/6/07

I don't care what them other girls say about O.But he is a talented dancer,singer,and actor.People who say mean things about him are just jealous.that's just wrong.I have to say that u r my favorite.I love all your songs.

p.s.i wish u and b2k were back together.a lot of people do.
but thats ok we still luv u.Just keep doin what your doin.Age 15.

he's fine and he's mine fo liffe | Reviewer: cece | 2/2/07

omarion is sexi yea some people know and some don't.Those that don't are some fuckin haters cuz he is sexier than you or u just can't handle him. All yall that think he's yall menyall needto think twice cuz he's all mine and if yall don'tthink so then send me an email andwe can settle this and yall ass well get wooped tryin to claim my men bitches and hoes

Ugly Ass Omarion | Reviewer: Ma-Ma | 4/24/06

Omarion is so ugly to me. I really like his brother O'Ryan. To me they don't look alike, they look very different. But I don't care what yall got to say to me because can't none of yall whoop me and I aint scared. So If yall send me a email talking about bitch you dumb then Im gone find out where you saty and its gone be trouble.....

Hey, O'marion...PLZ read this! | Reviewer: Listy-Anne | 4/21/06

you are da bomb and i love you sooooooooooo much...well i know that is silly, but i just can't help it. You are my favorite and will always be.I want you to know that you are great. O'marion is sooo sexy and he is just FINE!!!Dang-I wish i could meet him, that will mean the world to me. He can dance, he can sing, he can act, he is fine-oh boy! What more can a woman ask for? He and Bow Wow are the two most talented young people-mwah!

anta | Reviewer: anita | 3/31/06

Hi my name's Anita and you are my star. hi hi I konw that it's stupid to write this becouse you will never answer to me, but I just want to say this. Ok that's it! Bye :))))))

hey can you plzzzz plzzzzzzzzz answer me back | Reviewer: nora | 5/18/05

hey my name is nora fiqo you have been my start when i was 13 years old i like you so much. i hope you get this eamil is a person who rally like you songe and damn you hot to what could i say i don't think you would red this shit but you never i just want to say that you are great person and keep the good work my god bless you take easy bro...by love u so much