Waz up | Reviewer: .Markus Turner | 11/28/07

Waz up man I'd like to say I appreciate what your song O. That is my favorite song as well. I also want you to get back to the group B2K, me and my friend Grant wanted to be just like you when we grow up,but when we heard that ya'll broke up. Sine ya'll not together we went on, but when ya'll was a group, we made our own group B2K with Grant, Jacob, Malik, and I was cool. We had all the girls on us. That is when we were in 3rd grade, well thats what I wanted to say PEACE.

i love you so much | Reviewer: janel wilson | 11/28/07

hey sexi omarion. this iz your #1 fan right here.i dont know what all them other girls be talkin bout.dont listen to what they r saying.but anywayz. let me just tell u that ilove that new song wit u and bow wow called girlfriend well this yo # 1 fan janel wilson

hey!love ya | Reviewer: NICOLE | 11/21/07

hey my name is nicole and im 22 i know every thing about you ,you were born at home at home midnight nov 12 you are the oldest out of i think seven kids your hole name is omari ishmael grandberry i love you so so much and you were born at inglewood,california i live in losangelas california i think you live there now anyway i love you bye sexy

HI | Reviewer: NIKITAFLOWERS | 11/20/07



lady omarion | Reviewer: tweety | 11/16/07

whats omarion, i know how many paople say that they're your #1 fan, but the truth is... I'M YOUR #1 FAN. i basically know aolt about you such as: your favorite color, basketball team ect. i want you to know to keep doing what you doin'and... I LOVE YOU.

i am the only grandberry | Reviewer: akiya | 11/16/07

you are the only person i love. i am 14 years old. i wish i can meet you. i wish i can talk to you face to face....

OMARION, I'M YOUR NUMBER 1 FUN too. "Hello" From Kazakhstan. | Reviewer: Taza | 11/9/07

Our YOUTH adore and respect you very much in here. You are well known by our people, especially by our youth. I wish.. wish... to see you in real, but there is no way to do it, that's a dream only, I know. YOU BE SURE I"M YOUR NUMBER 1 FUN FOREVER

your my man | Reviewer: jennifer | 11/2/07

i love u so much and there will be nobody that will replace u in my heart.i'm 14,people call me Mrs.Omarion.my whole my space is about u baby.u want o holla at me go to scoobydooforlife@yahoo.com

Listen to you on the radio this morning | Reviewer: Trudy | 10/18/07

Just wanted to let you know that you touched my heart this morning and before I could do anything I had to let this off my chest. My mother and father has been gone for awhile now even though it seems like yesterday. My moms past when I was 19 and my father at 21 I know what your going thru it's not easy and to loose them before things could get better is even worse, so I just wanted to say be grateful that things turned out the way that they did because regardless to what GOD is good and he wont give you nothing you can't handle and GOD bless you for not being ashamed of your mother because we only get one and for you being the way that you are about yours is really a blessing some people forget about their parents for whatever reason and you didn't. Being around that enviornment all my life I could kinda of relate to why a person can disown thier parents maybe because they allowed them to be abused or etc because when you get into the stories of being in a drug addicted home the stories are sometimes unreal. I'm just so grateful that your going to take your time and your money and use it to comfort children who been through what were going through. It's a struggle everyday even when there gone. I'm 32 and I still cry for my mother and father know that I wont see them unless GOD has it in his plan. Stay strong and know that your going to have alot of prayers towards you. We definitely got your back:) One love Trudy

I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! | Reviewer: Neetrae Sadler | 10/10/07

you are the finest boy i ever seen in my life and i love you, your music, the way you dance i dont think that you have one flaw. I love you and i hope one day i can get the opprotunity to meet you cause i be telling everybody you my husband and they dont believe me so we gone have to work something out.

omarion is the best | Reviewer: cindy luna | 10/4/07

well my name is cindy and i have seen so many times over and over the movies you have made.i remember when i met you in front of the nick station i almost died when my mom told me it was you.i think your the best i love all your songs and now all i want to do is watch the new movie your making it looks so cool.well i also sing i like to sing any type of music i started when i was 6 years old and i relly like it.i have so much fun presenting in front of big crowds.well take care always and 4ever cindy

wats good | Reviewer: BILLY HARRISON | 10/3/07

wats up my brother i have always wanted to meet you you are my hero i have all your cd's i even lots my virgenty to my favorite song o you need to come on tour to mobile alabama A.K.A mob town well u better email me back please

ii love you omarion! | Reviewer: Tracy | 10/1/07

hey o wassup..dis be ya qrl tracy..well ii jus wanna let u kno dat ii love yo music n ii think u iz so damn fine...bt yuh im yo biggest fan so tell dem qroupies 2 fall back..lol!

he is fine | Reviewer: abigail | 9/29/07

Hi Omarion i am abigail my nick name is valantina.Omarin girls are dying for you down here in Ghana just come take a glimpse

omarion | Reviewer: zoey | 9/28/07

omarion i love your music... it may sound stalker status but i have been to everey concert u performed at... i love u ur like a young version of kanye west but ur sexiii lol u sing about real things like love and to believe in it and not to mention sex but everyone does now or days listen..... i've been dancing since i was 2 u know ballet belly dancing modern dance and hip hop now ima dance teacher at BDT i was hopin u would tell me {{tht is if ur reading these thingies}} how u became famous yea yea i know the fame it is not about the glitsz and glamour but i wanted to be a artist for like EVER!!! i've been in singing groups curch choirs and even in my uncle's studio i really want to at least see wats it like