olly is awsome | Reviewer: livvy | 12/9/13

olly i know you dont know manny of us probly none of us but me and my best friend think you are the greatest singer ever hope to see you in person one day crossy fingers by the way i did you for my home work

olly murs | Reviewer: sarah and gemma | 12/5/13

WE LOVE YOU OLLY MURS!!!!!!!!!!! you inspired us through school and now we are solo sings we have been doing twenty concerts around england and spain!!!!! hope see you in the next concerts we are at #weloveyouollymurs :*

I love you xxxxx | Reviewer: katie Murs | 9/9/13

hiya i love you so much you wont understand i love you so so so so so so much i know all about you and been to see you in concert 5 times i love you so much dont care if you dont see this but please just look at it please luv you xxx! <3 :) :) :)

biggest fan | Reviewer: Olly_official_fan | 1/31/13

olly murs is the best singer that the world has ever known and he deserves all the fame that he is getting. I love him sooooooo much and I have been to eighteen concerts of his but have not yet met him. he has inspired me so much and there is no true olly murs fan other than me. this website is not up to date and there sure be another article on him but other than that. Love you loads OLLY!!!!!!!!!!!<33333333

#TOPFAN. | Reviewer: Ella | 10/23/12

Olly murs you inspire me with your music,your such a good singer keep on doing what your doing I AM YOUR TOP FAN NO MATTER WHAT NO ONE LOVES YOU AS WHAT I DO! Haha;) loveyouolly:* your perfect

i love you xxx | Reviewer: caitlin bird | 3/1/12

hi olly i think you are apsoultly amazing i have got both of your albaums i love you please forget about the spelling please can you email me love you carry on singing and looking handsome love you xxxxx!!!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :) :)