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Performed by Offspring

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awrsome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/07

Love this song this is on the same storie line is what happened to me no offense to Females but a few of them are sluts
This song is mine ill sing it infront of 50,000 people if needed to

great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/07

it is the best song whenever my sister puts int on i turn it up to the max great song keep it comin.

LOVE IT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/07

This is my song, dude this is the best song ever

love it | Reviewer: Gaben | 2/12/07

fucking awesome song!! now Im in love but I love to listen to it!!
Spare me the details rulz!!:D

great song lyrics | Reviewer: Matt | 2/9/07

All i gotta say is well done to the offspring. Either that guy actully went thru it, or has a friend who has. Anywho, its so true. Great Song!

Always a Offspring fan | Reviewer: D | 12/30/06

Love the whole new album. Spare me the details rocks.
When you're in prison is wonderfully satirical, love the ww2 music it's set to.

sup dawgs | Reviewer: hayden | 4/29/06

this song was practically written about my ex girlfrend! i luv listenin 2 it coz it reminds me how much of a slut she was!

yup | Reviewer: yeah, right. | 1/3/06

this song IS MY LIFE!!!!!!! and it realy sux that i now have an anthem. BLAH!

awesome!!!!!! | Reviewer: Kayte | 8/7/05

i can't begin to tell you how much i love this song. i discovered it on the radio one day and turned it up to the max because i thought it was so funny and kind of ironic in a way. it definitley is a great song!!! ~rok on!~

sweet as guys | Reviewer: jayjay | 8/12/04

the offsprings new single out, spare me the details is great for listening to any hour of the day!

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