I love Offspring | Reviewer: Juan Jose | 11/9/2007

I love this song is so great!!!!....... have an original personality in the rock music!!! the best..

SISTER! | Reviewer: frank | 7/24/2007

this songs very good, funny. it reminds me of that guy thats always on adam sandler movies. the guy that says "you can do eet!!" lol

i love offspring, "the best band of the world | Reviewer: my name is cesar | 7/9/2007

this rola" is the best of the world, no ma esta bien de pok madr chida rola bajenla es de las mejores de esta banda

rock on offspring! | Reviewer: jess | 6/11/2007

the offspring are soo awsome! this is my fav song, a little hard to sing along to, but it ROCKS! YEAH!

offspring rock | Reviewer: Kayla | 6/2/2007

the offspring are like gods, and there songs are totally amazing!!! the singer has a great voice too. this is definetly one of my favorite songs by them, but my favorite one is "we are one" from their Ignition album. OFFSPRING ROCK!!!

awsome | Reviewer: matt | 4/1/2007

i luvv the offspring mi cuzins showed it to mi their like punks and i got hooked i luvv the offspring awsome songs and great lyrics sum of mi favorite songs are STARING AT THE SUN and AMERICANA i luv their songs !!!!!!!!!!

The song rocks and.. | Reviewer: 1010 | 2/16/2007

I made my own movie from it =) the song is awesome

amazing song!!! | Reviewer: george luvs offspring | 5/10/2005

this song is great!!! it's SO catchy, and yeah, i thought some of the lyrics were wrong on the site, but noe, they're right, n 0FFSPRING ARE AMAZING

I LOVE THE OFFSPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/2005

Hmm, ABSOLUTELY AMAZIN SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought a few bits were different but the site was more accurate than me, i found!!! I LOVE THE OFFSPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!! ROCK ON OFFSPRING!!!! U CAN do it!

Original Prankster Review | Reviewer: Chris Pounce | 8/11/2004

the song is good, before i found this site i thought that some if the lyrics were different but since i listened closer it seems the site is correct. great song \m/ offspring kick ass