This song is about the town i live in | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/09

Kristy is my friends mom and the who "Why don't you get a job?" was written about. This song isn't stupid because the Nothingtown he is talking about is Mariposa and it fu cking sux there!!! theres nothing to do at all. thats why he was like "come on lets go" we all want to here and he did

hmm, indeed | Reviewer: frank | 11/20/08

these lyrics are horrible. there are like two correct lines in the song. i don't like it. why would you do that? you smell funny. cheese does NOT taste like chicken. how come the sky is purple? where did you put my laundry? stop telling me lies!!! i know that barney assasinated kenedy. food tastes better underwater. have you ever hit a meercat with a broomstick? oh the lotion! Jesus is your lord and savior, respect ho! mountain dew is the best soda ever made.