when I die I want this song to be played for my burial. | Reviewer: don from the philippines | 9/10/07

this is the song that I want to be played when I die. either cremation or old fashioned burial I want this to be played. The song speaks for itself. how I wish for that day to come! i forgot! I'm only 28 years old yet death is fine by me! the one thing that I dtill haven't expirienced! what a nice song to die for! tah, tah!

BEST | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/07

i have always loved offspring.. pretty much everyone one of their songs!! and thats good for me because i dont really listen to much music.. well i do.. but not one type.. and i LOVE gone away so much it really is a great song !!!!

awesome | Reviewer: TIMOTHY | 8/21/07

this song is one of the best ive listened to in my life. when i lost my dad i didnt let it out much, but when i heard this song i didnt care who was around i cried. but yeah this song is the best!!!!

God!! | Reviewer: Lt. Morales | 8/4/07

Hello, I´m from Spain, I am Figther Pilot from Spanish Air Force, I have a old walkman and a old cassette with this song, everytime I take my plane (F-18)throught the sky I know I can fly because of this song can take us fly away, remember all in our life. When I have a mission to complete, I put on the walkman, see the picture of my girl on the center panel and listen this song to remember the reason that make´s me come back home safety. Oh!! God, thanks you very much and thanks to Offspring for writte it.

Should have stuck to it. | Reviewer: Eric W. | 7/23/07

This song, although simple in words and phrases, sends chills up your spine. This is probably one of their best songs and I think they should have stuck with this type of sound and songwriting instead the lame goofy stuff on their newest releases.

i love this song. | Reviewer: kimba | 7/2/07

everyone has to go sometime.i love this song and offspring aswell.if you lose a loved one, this song should help you through.

Yes A great Song... | Reviewer: Craig | 6/8/07

I heard this song on the radio today and thoight i would look it up... i too have lost a love and i was moved by the song... yet... so many people say this song is great and it is, i love it with all my heart, but it is so sad that such a horrble thing had to happen to inspire that... i do alot more with my time now that my love is gone... well... i still listen every time it comes up and you should too...


So True | Reviewer: Meldenya | 5/31/07

I've always loved this song. It's a great emotional song from a great band. Recently, I lost my lover and I jsut heard this song on the radio today. It describes EXACTLY what I am going through, what I am feeling right now.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Jay Lajtar | 5/30/07

I gave the lyrics to the parents of a friend that died. They cried and they were going to play it at the funeral, but ran out of time. R.I.P Kaden.

About the song Gone Away performed by Offspring | Reviewer: <van Duff> | 5/5/07

It´s amazing!! Fuck im loving this song!!!
the sad is that im gonna play it on my girlfriends funeral :/

c0oL | Reviewer: fr0z | 4/12/07

it's a great song. certanly stood some time on repeat. recomand you pop-up that volume and listen to it

great song | Reviewer: Kathleen | 2/11/07

this song helped me get through a lot...I think it's the best song they've done

Smash | Reviewer: Lena | 8/30/06

In this song you will find a variety of emotion, and great lyrics. That is if you like this type of music. In my opinion, this has to be one of The Offsprings best songs. Usually if you like this song, you are going to like a lot of The Offsprings earlier albums.

LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/05

I love this song alot!!! and if you already like the offspring then you will be pleasently surprised by this more emotional song of theres!!!!

Wickedly Awesome! | Reviewer: Melissa | 8/3/05

This song is one of the offsprings greatest songs I believe. One of their deeper, and more emotional songs, that is awesome, and so is the video,(which you can see on their Americana album, if you stick it in your computer). I give this song a definite 5 stars! Rock on!