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Performed by Offspring

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Very meaningful | Reviewer: Ainslea | 2/7/14

A life long friend of mine recently hung himself. I can't describe how I feel.
This song was chosen for his funeral as everyone entered the room.
It completely set the tone and was so appropriate for our boy.
I looked up the lyrics and found that it pretty much summed up my feelings.
Nothing can describe how I feel about losing Isaac, but this comes close.

Never knew... | Reviewer: Paul | 12/3/13

I never really listened to this song so closely before. I lost my wife, my love, 4 years ago....08/27/09 and this song and the video really gave me a sense of what I have been feeling all these years. I still miss her dearly, and now I have another song that whenever I hear it, I will think of her.

Gone away..... | Reviewer: J.R. | 11/21/13

My best friend, my wife, my lover..... she has such bad health, I know she will leave this world before I do... It hurts to watch her deteriorate daily... hurts my heart, hurts my soul... I know I will play this song at her funeral. It rips my heart out each time I hear it, but I still listen.

I am so alone and she is not even gone.... yet. I love you Cindy Rae

4 my darling grandaughter | Reviewer: Rick | 9/29/13

my darling lexi passed away at 13 days old,,so little, so beautiful, played the acoustic version at her funeral, love offspring, and love you lexi jade,, i miss you, love poppy, see you when i get there with great pop,

Gone but close ta ma heart | Reviewer: Elizabeth bonolo | 3/29/13

With song i can relate to what im going throug right now, hiz gone n i cant bring him back, i sing it all the time now wenever i think of him thou i cnt stot the tears.... Wish this was just a dream... Lov u SK

For my fiance | Reviewer: Laelana | 3/26/13

The day before his 35 birthday, my fiance passed away from a heart attack while I was asleep. Offspring was one of his favorite bands, and it was like he lead me to this song. Anytime I want to reach out to him, I start singing this song at the top of my lungs, tears streaming down my face. Love you Jamie.

realy good song | Reviewer: luki | 3/15/13

everytime when i listen to this song i thought about my grandfather he died as i was 15 years old, and is saw him dying.. i sit on his siede an listen him breath until he is gone...

sry.. vor mistakes.. an gramma fails i´m from austria and my main language is German... but i want tha everyone cant red this...

Never know | Reviewer: Toribio a. Urena | 12/21/12

I never knew the meaning of this song until tonight. I always listened to it though. I feel all of you. God forbid I lose one one of my close ones.the lyrics prove the song means something . I could'nt help but to tear up when I read some of these reviews. Stay up be safe, love to all.

big brother | Reviewer: lil sis | 12/13/12

My big brother passed away July 2012 at the age of 33 leaving behind a 19 month old baby girl. This song does say what I feel. Its between this and "The Hurt and the Healer" by mercy me. I am lost without my brother and nothing feels the same anymore. I feel so sad inside. I love and miss you brother!

My son | Reviewer: Debbie | 12/4/12

On Oct 4 2012 my 24 year old son died in a car accident. He left a 5 year old son and a 2 month old son. I have never felt so much pain in my life. If I could only trade...and it does feel like Heaven's so far away. I will find u again.

My Son, Bobby | Reviewer: Linda | 12/3/12

Bobby passed on his 23rd birthday, 1/20/2012. He communicates very clearly with me on a regular basis. Tonight, he saw my tears and asked me to listen to this song. I had not heard it. How important for you to have provided a means for expression even from the afterlife. What an amazing contribution to the development of the soul and healing of those left behind. Thank you.

not Dead | Reviewer: the Littlest | 8/30/12

I don't share tragic stories about losing anyone close, but this song helped me to cope with my mental state in childhood. I wasn't nearly dying or so, but my inside was. I was sexually abused constantly by my uncle, whom was from my moms side. Since age 4, till about 13 y/o I felt humiliated in the worst ways a child/teenager could have been. I cried a lot every day, refused to be looked after that uncle, tried to tell that to someone. Now, thanks to my friends and beloved boyfriend, I feel well, but still having self-confidence issues. And every time I listen to this song, I feel that emotion and power, illussion of vastness...

My Father | Reviewer: Hector | 6/26/12

Lost my father to pulmonary fibrosis I was there until he took his last breath. Song is so powerful and brings to tears every time I hear it. Just sitting next to him as the doctor told us to comfort him and let him know we where there for him. Just remember telling him to rest and that he didn't have to fight anymore.

how i feel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/12

A long time friend of the family's. Passed away a few
Days ago he was 39 and he just like an uncleto me
He told his dad and 2 brothers that he did not feel
Good and the net morning he did not get up for
Work and when they tryed to wake him he was
Already gone

In Loving Memory <3 | Reviewer: Dulce | 4/20/12

My mother passed away on x-mas day 2011. so i dedicate gone away to her. thanx dex for the beautiful/meaningful song/lyrics. i love you and miss you mom. we shall see eachother in another lifetime. your little girl. (:

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